What Makes the Symph Office?

Although the external factors, specifically the physical environment, is not the commander for the direction of our thinking, it matters a lot too. Based on a study conducted on physical work environments’ conduciveness for creativity:

Physical environments influence creativity and collaboration through perceived understandings of specific physical components and elements within the workplace. It is based on these perceptions that individuals can begin to identify which components and elements make them feel more creative and more willing to collaborate.

This is why the Symph space is unique, artsy, and filled with things that foster imagination and artistry-it’s like a playground, but for adults. We strive to go beyond a workplace of just cubicles and papers and computer monitors — we want an avenue that would encourage us to think and act on things that could change the world for the better. Each of its pieces are like representations of each member of the team. It is a reminder that Symph is what it is because of its individuals — and that even in the physical absence of people, the office is still so full of life.

With this kind of work habitat, curiosity is sparked. Brilliant ideas are conceived. Healthy relationships are formed. Synergistic collaborations are made. Meaningful projects are acted upon. This further fuels our passion and motivation to act on our vision: to love, change, and hack.

To give you a more concrete picture of the Symph space and its creativity-sparking objects, see this video we made:


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