We are Symph

We are a team of people passionate about building products that people love

Building products people love to use, while also changing the world

With our diverse skill set — user experience,  design,  branding,  web and mobile development,  product strategy,  and business analysis — Symph is constantly turning our customer’s ideas into successful realities.

Our vision
Drive positive global impact by building products for every problem affecting human life
Our ethos

The foundation of who we are
The why behind what we do


Our work is fueled by love and passion.

We put a lot of skill, effort, and heart onto what we do because we want to be able to create things that people would value.


We believe that change is the key to growth.

We desire to help change the world positively, and help people with the same vision, act on the same.


We always find ways to turn the No’s into Yes’s.

We do what we can to turn the most “ambitious” ideas into something that can actually be done. “Challenge Accepted” is the statement we live by.

Our team

The awesome people behind amazing things

Who also love to have fun
Dave Overton
Founder and CEO
Albert Padin
Founder and CTO
Dan Pantinople
Founder and CDO
Jarrhey De la Peña
Chief Operating Officer
Chelle Gray
Director, Business Development
Raven Duran
Deputy CTO
Gee Quidet
Director for Sales & Account Management
Lenli Tuhoy
Product Owner
Aiesha Wahid
Finance Associate
Antonio Telimban
Full Stack Developer
Dim Benantolis
Full Stack Developer
Geoff Diaz
Full Stack Developer
Edson Carreon
Full Stack Developer
Ferlie Penido
Full Stack Developer
Frances Teves
Technical Project Manager
Franchette Camoro
Full Stack Developer
Hannah Hormiguera
Strategic Programs Lead
Jap Balane
Full Stack Developer
Jhoenil Wahid
Full Stack Developer
Johnrey Evangelista
Engineering Lead
Leigh Lapura
Full Stack Developer
Linc Lim
Admin Officer
Med Aduh
Full Stack Developer
Nicolas Ferraren
QA Tester
Pres Sembrero
Data Engineer
Ragan Lamoc
Full Stack Developer
Ralph Mungcal
Roland Bautista
Product Owner
Tin Mantua
Full Stack Developer
Tony Dela Cruz
Full Stack Developer
Van Diongzon
Full Stack Developer
Von Payumo
UI/UX Designer
John Paul Madulid
Deputy CEO
Adrian Labra
UI/UX Designer
Krisha Suico
Marketing Lead
Ysabel Padin
Project Manager
Ace Cerio
Full Stack Developer
Nicole Padin
Project Manager
Rose Tan
UI/UX Designer
Timothy Ouano
Full Stack Developer
Keyrr Perino
Full Stack Developer
Jaiun Roa
Marketing & Events Specialist
Vince Loremia
Global Business Development
Ranil Jaramillo
Technical Project Manager
Bon Discaya
Project Manager
Jude Baguinang
Full Stack Developer
Ian Natividad
Full Stack Developer
Jhanin Briones
UI/UX Designer
Juril Digamon
UI/UX Designer
Shad Dela Cruz
Head of Strategic Programs & Tech Ecosystem
In case you haven’t met yet
Say hello to our mascot Pip!

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