We are Symph

Symph is a company of passionate people building awesome digital products.

We are a team of designers and developers that create technology solutions to change the world. We love to build products that people love to use! With our team’s diverse skill set – user experience, design, branding, web and mobile development, product strategy and business analysis – Symph is constantly turning our customer’s ideas into successful realities. 

Meet the Symph Team

The awesome people behind amazing things

Dave knows a lot when it comes to providing value for businesses. His evident passion to help make the world a better place has led him to build and nurture Symph. Dave is an awesome dad of two (for now) and 30+ others in Symph.

Dave Overton

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Albert is the first Google Developer Expert in the Philippines. Not all tech guys are the quiet types- If you can’t find Albert in the tech community crowd, he may be the one on stage speaking to the crowd.

Albert Padin

Co-Founder / Chief Technical Officer

Dan has a healthy obsession with pushing pixels to perfection. When away from designing things on screen, Dan can usually be found cooking food for his cats, and sometimes human friends.

Dan Pantinople

Co-Founder / Chief Design

Ashley looks at things (through her chinky eyes) in the most objective perspective, and truly helpful inputs result from that. She is also a passionate community builder, which is seen in her active involvement in community events.

Ashley Uy

Product Manager

Romar makes everything that can be automated, automated because in Symph, we strive to cut down bottlenecks. He is also everyone’s guidance counselor (half kidding).

Romar Patindol

Tech Operations Lead

George makes sure that expectations between Symph and you, our client, are properly managed. George is also an aspiring vlogger. Check out his healthy living, music, and art vlogs. They are okay, but we won't risk Symph's name on it.

Robert George Padin

Business Development Lead

Kai is the fountain of wit. She is our senkai (get it?) when it comes to the creative direction of the Symph brand. Not only does she write so well, Kai also creates awesome collages— both digital and physical. Yup, magazine cut-outs pasted on notebooks still exist.

Erika Lagunzad

Digital Marketing

Bryant specializes in taking into account internal marketing efforts, collecting its results, and using those data to formulate effective strategies to be undertaken. Also, two of his hamsters got eaten by a cat. He is still mourning.

Bryant Gonzales

Project Manager / Marketing Strategist

Lenli is the goddess of our marketing. Her role is to use digital marketing to connect with as many target audience as possible and convert them to potential leads. She is also most interested in crime... related things.

Lenli Tuhoy

Marketing Specialist

Shad is always vocally brimming with ideas that leverage Symph into whole new levels. If you hear a "Hi, bro!" (with the deep voice) in the office or anywhere in the community, that's Shad.

Shad Roi de la Cruz

Special Operations & Growth Hacker

Lotlot is most interested using her tech skills to make the world a better place.. for her cats. We can trust our pets with her as much as we trust her to create great designs and brilliant interactions.

Maria Lourdes Arcipe

UI/UX Designer

Like Nell's passion and talent in music, expect his projects to be a symphony of well-coded features. Nell also never runs out of energy as he climbs mountains of any kind, we already lost count.

Nell Soledad

Full Stack Developer

Nikki is one of the company’s brightest project managers. Expect her to handle multiple projects without breaking a sweat (at least none that we can see). In the middle of all the action, she also stands as the “mother” of Symph.

Nicole Padin

Project Manager / Operations Lead

Like Helen of Troy, his expertise can launch thousands of completed tasks and well-coded features. Keyrr is our resident senior developer and a (literal) resident in the office. That’s how dedicated Keyrr is.

Keyrr Perino

Software Development Lead

No one multitasks as effectively as Yna does. Our resident attorney in the making goes to law school in the evenings and still manages to coordinate our team and clients with a fresh smile (really) on her face in the mornings.

Yna del Rosario

Product Manager

Francis likes to think of the bigger picture and obsessively works his hands on the details. This is why when it comes to branding and design, Francis is our go-to Jedi. If left unsupervised, Francis tends to create unbelievably great outputs for "draft" presentations.

Francis Alturas

Product Design Lead

Though considered as a junior developer, John Rey possesses strong leadership and work ethic. That is why we call him “Mayor” for a reason. (Also, he seems to be the identical twin of the “Mayor” character in a local television show, so.)

John Rey Evangelista

Full Stack Developer

Rosie is what her name implies her to be: one of the beautiful flowers in the sea of thorns, a.k.a male developers (not because they’re like thorns or anything- you already know what we mean).

Mary Rose Tan

Full Stack Developer and Designer

Jermaine works as an Android developer. He is multi-talented so he can do much more besides Android. When at the office and you hear Michael Bublé, that's Jermaine.

Jermaine Dilao

Android and Full Stack Developer

Richard is the unicorn of Symph: he can develop projects whatever the platform is. He is one of the few early birds in the office and his level of patience is something we all admire. Hail Richard!

Richard Juevesano

Software Development Lead

From being one of Symph’s first interns, Kent is now a senior full stack developer—Batman style. From writing custom modules to wrangling frameworks and APIs, his work has benefited clients and global initiatives all from his quiet corner in the office.

Kent Astudillo

Full Stack Developer

Franchette is one of our few lady full-stack developers. Aside from her magical coding powers, she organizes Google community events. With a lowkey gothic soul, Franchette is also a mother to two beautiful hamsters.

Franchette Camoro

Full Stack Developer

Ronnel loves to explore the constantly-changing landscape of the web and the world of anime. We love him for his passion in working ‘til the rooster cries and his passion in searching for weird memes.

Ronnel Marfil

Full Stack Developer

Justine juggles her time as a developer and a UI/UX designer. She always finds time to learn new ways to provide better design and other solutions to our clients.

Justine Win Cañete

UI/UX Designer and Developer

With his photographer’s eye and designer hands, Clint bridges the gap between creativity and front-end design. His design ideas are often fuelled by winning streaks at DOTA in the office, so we kind of want to make sure he gets his win.

Clint Bustrillos

UI/UX Designer and Developer

In the Symph world, Jhong is known as the reserved type of guy who sits in a corner trying to finish a one-week task in just one day. In the software world, he is known as an unforgiving, bug killer. Bugs, beware of Jhong.

Jhong Paigan

Full Stack Developer

When it comes to Android and react native, he is the Chip (pun intended). As the Senior Android Developer, he will make sure that your next mobile project will be taken care of properly.

Chip Cerio

Senior Android Developer

Wilbert is one of the few members of our night team. As a full stack developer, his role is to provide software solutions to our Western clients. In his spare time, Wilbert part-times as the patron saint of our developers.

Wilbert Quiape

Full Stack Developer

Arth is our Android developer and Quality Assurance tester. He is the earliest to time-in and is very flexible in learning new skills. Arth also releases tips and tricks vlogs on Android development. Arth and PCs for the win!

Arth Limchiu

Android and Full Stack Developer

It’s normal to see Bobby code a system in the morning and do video and photo shoots for the marketing team in the afternoon. Have we also mentioned his awesome skills in music and dancing? Yeah, that too.

Ebuen Clemente Jr.

Full Stack Developer

Meeann is the star of the night team. She is the Account Executive handling various international accounts. With her disciplined work ethic and cute laugh, you would definitely want Meeann to handle your project!

Maryanne Apale

Product Manager

Raff codes and designs. His attention to minor details provides consistent high-quality output. Bribe him with console games and fries, and he might just do both design and development at the same time.

Raffy Abenoja

Graphic Designer and Web Developer

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