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Internships at Symph

Internships at Symph

Symph has continuously grown in number and in the way we get things done through the years. Together with this growth is the increasing number of aspiring interns who desire to learn from this industry by applying in Symph.

To take our internship program one step further and to provide a better learning experience here, we decided to make “focused experiences” that have varying levels of requirements and commitment— from basic skill levels all the way to advanced, part-time to full-time.


  • Internships in Symph are not paid.
  • We don’t usually provide devices to our team members, so interns have to bring their own laptops or devices. We’ve had interns bring their system units and monitors to the office before. That’s also okay.

What kind of interns are you looking for?

We look for interns who can learn on their own. Of course we willingly guide and train our interns here at Symph, but they should also be able to learn new things and deliver output even under minimum supervision.

Also, we are looking for interns who have done extra things before aside from the usual school requirements. Examples of these are side projects, freelance projects, or thesis/capstone projects with you and your team.

When can I apply for an internship?

We hire interns all year round!

What are the steps for applying?

1. Select the internship experience track you want to apply for:


Web and Mobile App Development

You are going to study on our tech stack for 2-3 weeks, after which you will be assigned to be part of a project delivery team. As part of the team, you will be observing, learning, and working with Symph developers, designers, and a project manager, on Symph web and mobile app development projects.

QA Technical

You will experience testing Symph products— web apps, mobile apps, and more— by coding. You will be tasked to assure consistent product quality by developing and enforcing automated testing software.

Internal Technical Operations

You will be working on development of Symph’s internal operating system. You will be given technical tasks to fix, improve, or add to current Symph operations tools to optimize its functionality and effectiveness to the entire company.

Web Design

You will be working along with the Symph design team, and experience the essentials of UI/UX design, you may also get to experience working on Symph web and mobile app projects as you work with a project delivery team with other Symph designers, developers, and a project manager.

Graphic Design

You will design graphic assets both for Symph marketing and products like websites, as needed. At the same time, your graphic design skills would be enhanced with feedback and guidance by Symph designer mentors. Plus, you will learn how to use graphic design in line with marketing strategy or whatever underlying purpose the project serves.

Project Management

You will be partnered with a team project manager who you will assist in handling projects. You will be immersed in management tasks like making sure a project’s specifications are followed, project timeline is on schedule, communicating with the project delivery team (Symph designers and developers) and other stakeholders.


You will serve as a client mainly of internal projects like Symph’s web apps or systems. As the client of the project, you will lead the assurance of project execution and quality, and you will be the one mainly communicating feedback and suggestions for iterations between the Symph executive team and the project delivery team. If you are a person of ideas and are willing to do what it takes to make them a reality, this is probably for you.

Marketing Automation

On the technical side of marketing, you will experience automating recurring marketing efforts and sales pipelines. You will also be experience the essentials of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and execute SEO-related actionable items for Symph.

Video and Photo production

You will get to work with the team and create videos and photos that would be put out there and would provide value for Symph marketing. Not only does this encompass the video/photo production itself but the establishment of the strategy and purpose of these initiatives with the team as well.

Accounting and Billing

You will assist in internal accounting and billing to make sure financial requirements in the company are duly complied. Similar to admin and management tasks, you will also organize documents and coordinate with the responsible people, but tasks under this experience track would mainly be on the financial aspect.


QA Testing

You will experience doing Quality Assurance tests on Symph products— web apps, mobile apps, and the like. Your experience and feedback on the product will then be the data collected and analyzed for the product’s development team to fix bugs, iterate on features, and introduce new ideas.

QA Client and Public Communications

Your focus would be on Quality Assurance for client and public communication materials for Symph products and projects. Tasks may involve proofreading of content, checking if it’s clear, and help us communicate as well as possible.

Internal Non-technical Operations

You will help manage compliance of company operations needing the cooperation of the entire Symph team. This will mainly be tasks on communicating with the Symph team for reminders on compliance, gathering feedback, and relaying this information to the company executives.

Marketing Content

You will be working with the marketing team in relation to content for Symph marketing. This includes studying content strategy and copywriting (basic content for Symph materials and feature articles for the Symph blog). You will also work closely with social media marketing and graphic design as you implement the content strategy.

Marketing Analytics

You will get to work closely with the Symph Marketing team and experience gathering quantitative and qualitative data from our digital marketing efforts, analyzing and creating reports, and using these information to evaluate the current Symph digital marketing efforts and recommend further marketing efforts to be stopped, continued, or tweaked.

Social Media Marketing

Along with the marketing team, you will manage Symph social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Medium) in accordance to the overall marketing strategy. This includes the creation of the social media content schedule, executing that schedule, sometimes creation of the content that will be posted, and then analyzing the insights and impacts of those social media marketing efforts.


You will be part of the Sales team where you will help the sales executives on managing the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) pipeline. You will learn how clients/ consumers think, behave, and how we as the service provider should collaborate with our clients to make sure we provide beneficial value to their companies.


As part of marketing effort, you will help organize community events Symph is involved in like tech meetups, design workshops, and entrepreneurship seminars. You will work with Symph team members who are active community leaders like the Google Developers Group (GDG) – Cebu community manager, Google Business Group (GBG) – Cebu, Startup Weekend facilitators, and more.

Admin and Management

You will help the Symph admin with the organization of documents, encoding essential data, and coordinating with the responsible Symph team members for specific tasks that would require their help.

2. Fill out the form according to the internship experience track you have selected:


(Web and Mobile App Development, QA Testing, QA Technical, Internal Technical Operations, Web Design, Graphic Design, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Automation, Video and Photo Production): Tech Application form


(QA Client and Public Communications, Internal Non-technical operations, Marketing Content, Marketing Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Events, Sales, Admin and Management, Accounting and Billing): Non-tech Application form

3. Our team will review your filled-out form and reply within 24 hours to either decline your application or to schedule an interview. Once the interview is done, the team will conduct another round of review and we’ll let you know of the final result within another 24 hours.

I’ve applied but I haven’t heard back from you. What do I do?

Did you follow all the instructions above? Please double check.

If you followed all the instructions above, wait for 24 hours (factor in weekdays and holidays). Feel free to stalk our social media accounts while waiting. If we haven’t responded back, please do send us a follow up email.

If you have any inquiry that is not answered by this blog post, please send us a message- direct messages to our social media accounts will do. We are looking forward to your application and we can’t wait for you to be part of the team!

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