The Dollar Effect--- Making funds the least of a Non-Profit’s worries

April 17, 2023

Our friends from Glory Reborn, a non-profit maternity clinic providing quality maternal healthcare to marginalized moms.

They are made to create an impact.

It has become apparent that non-profit organizations have become synonymous with donations, drives, and crowdfundings.

And while creative campaigns to get people to donate are great strategies to get the message of campaigns out there—non-profits seem to spend a significant amount of time fundraising to keep their cause alive. This shifts the focus and resources (time, energy and ideas) in creating an impact, thus decreasing or delaying the potential of the non-profit’s core mission.

This shouldn’t be the case.

The last thing non-profits want to do is to guilt-trip you into giving.

The other side of the coin

If you give people the proper avenues to help, there’s a good chance that they will.

Symph came to such thought when we once created— A relief efforts information platform that we built in less than a day; and in less than 24 hours from launching the website, we got dozens of messages from people coming from different parts of the world. They contacted the page with inquiries asking how they could help us help more people through the platform.

We realized that it’s all about giving people the avenue to make reaching out more convenient—and that may well include making donations easier.

People are not blind to issues, a good number of people have the default desire to help in causes they believe in. However, people oftentimes choose to be passive and are held back with reasons such as “I don’t have enough” when in fact, people don’t have to go out of their way in order to contribute to the organizations or causes they want to help. Any help or any value is always appreciated especially for non-profits big or ,small.

Giving does not have to make one feel depleted.

The effect is the solution

Symph created a solution that makes giving easier than saying “We don’t have enough.”

Two things: we’ve been where we’re the ones asking for funds to support our cause, and we’ve been where we want to help but don’t exactly know how, or most of all, not sure if we’re exactly capable.

So, we created an idea that addresses these problems altogether. We call it The Dollar Effect. Visit the website here.

It’s as simple as having a monthly subscription of 1 dollar per month to your chosen non-profit. It’s no brainer, and it’s not such a big of a sacrifice, too.

With this, non-profits can focus more on what they are doing instead of worrying about funds for the following months.

Know more about The Dollar Effect through this video:

With enough support and participation, our non-profit orgs can empower their mission, create more impact and well, change the world for the better—putting your dollars in full effect.