The Dollar Effect is here to support nonprofits

April 25, 2024

The Dollar Effect allows users to donate $1 (yes, just $1) per month to the nonprofits or causes they wish to support automatically. Plus, it can all be done from the convenience of a smartphone, too.

Adding more to its simplicity and convenience is that we are working to feature charities you love and want to help in the Dollar Effect web app. With this, you don’t have to remember any extra information about them like websites or physical addresses, and the $1 donation is easy enough on the pocket.

This way, not only is it convenient to support nonprofits, the web app also allows one to know more about organizations and the impact they make on the causes they believe in. Apart from inspiring to help out with just your loose change, it also spreads awareness of the different nonprofits and causes out there, better yet, it helps one discover an organization that supports a unique cause.

Send us an email at so we can add your organizations to our featured list, spread the word, and learn more about The Dollar Effect here.