The Dollar Effect: The Simple Solution to Tackling Nonprofit Problems

April 17, 2023

Nonprofits don’t operate to make money, but they need just as much as for-profits do to work on their purpose. We at Symph, with nonprofit founders and volunteers among us, worked to create a solution that meets every nonprofit’s needs (no matter how small) but can be beneficial for the long term.

We created The Dollar Effect to make donating so easy, but other than that, it provides solution to these challenges that every nonprofit is faced with:

Engaging donors

We don’t just mean likes and shares.

It’s always best to understand why donors give; showing donors why they matter and letting them know how they can help make a difference can easily be done especially with the internet nowadays. Plus, with an added creativity— getting your messages across can rightfully inspire the trust (and hearts) of people from around the world.

But how far does it actually go? To the donation page hopefully.

So, we created a solution that helps not put these campaigns go to waste.

We initiated The Dollar Effect to also answer an often overlooked question: Why should I trust you(r online form)?

It’s important to let donors understand the basics of how the online donation system works, but rarely would they bother to ask. It’s easily understandable if they have doubts about the forms.

A good way to it is to let them try it out themselves without having to risk so much. The Dollar Effect initiative lets donors try out giving just a small amount (just a dollar!) to see how it goes— how the system works and where their dollar goes.

It’s a good entry level to fully engage your donors as it gives your donors the opportunity to act right away.

The Dollar Effect web app is built knowing that when it comes to giving, everyone’s willingness to act is now— and we give them the tool to act on it, immediately.


Overhead expenses are a fact of life in every organization— nonprofits included.

One of The Dollar Effect’s main reason for existing is knowing that nonprofits are not supposed to spend a huge chunk of their efforts to fundraise so they could survive, they are made to create and focus on their mission.

Keeping the organization afloat is every nonprofit’s challenge— that is keeping the lights on, keeping highly qualified and motivated employees, and investing in equipment that will efficiently help in reaching the organization’s goal.

The last thing an organization wants to do is to sacrifice their mission to make room for overhead expenses, or vice versa. Both are just as important in empowering the cause.

The Dollar Effect helps alleviate these woes as this keeps enough resources to fuel the organization’s operations even with just a dollar per month.

Retaining Donors

This will sound counterintuitive but giving potential donors the flexibility in giving may help in retaining them. Donors (even potential donors) should always have the option to pause, cancel, or give more or less.

Although with The Dollar Effect, it’s already so easy on the pocket, one wouldn’t even want to bother cancelling.

The Dollar Effect is a tool that automatically donates $1 from you to your chosen organization on a monthly basis— because supporting causes close to your heart should be a no-brainer, really.

A donation done through The Dollar Effect also enables organizations to send email newsletters to keep donors up to date on how their donations have supported the cause— showing them how every dollar is indeed, valuable.