Symph Talks: Leadership

April 17, 2023

Many of us have grown up exposed to the kind of educational system that has made us very good at absorbing knowledge that’s already out there, memorizing things without necessarily understanding them, and following orders without really apprehending the principles behind it.

However, especially here in Symph, we believe that people who are passionate to change the world in some way can do more than that. There’s nothing wrong with consulting other resources for answers, or with doing things that other people have already done before, but these individuals who have the heart and the capacity to create change could do so much more.

For all organizations across almost all industries, the market has become very saturated. Especially now, it has become difficult to stand out, to break away, to set ourselves apart from the competition — but we have to. It’s not only for the sake of being the preferred service provider, or the top business in the industry. It’s for being able to contribute the greatest influence in the community, and in the world.

So, how do we do that? In our CTO Albert Padin’s words:

“It’s changing our mindset from fundamentally consuming what’s out there, and following those, to becoming originals. Creatives. In other words, a thought leader.”

Being a thought leader is being aware of everything that’s going on, but not jumping into that “everything”. Thought leaders know what they want, they see what this community really needs, and they act on it that rather than just go with the flow. They set the standards and are widely trusted to move and inspire people not only in their own organizations, but across the entire industry ecosystem.

Certainly, just the thought of being a thought leader is extremely inspirational, but it’s not very simple.

It’s always easier to follow an idea that’s generally accepted. When we embark on a direction different from that, we no longer have a safe foundation for the rightness or wrongness of the new things we’re venturing. But that’s the beauty in it. You gather the guts, you take the risk, you discover, you learn, and then you share. You lead.

According to Albert,

“It takes time for general practices to shift. It takes time for consensus to build. But if we always wait for those practices to be adjusted, we tend to already foresee that it doesn’t make sense. (If we do nothing about it,) We will never be a leader.”

To people who know what this world needs and believe you can help it: You are meant to lead a revolution.

Every end of the week, we have team meetings where we get to listen to the brains and hearts of our dear founders. As these talks have amused, enlightened, and helped us individually in more ways than one, we would also like to share these with the world to hopefully inspire you as it inspired us. Hence, the Symph Talks.

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