How to love your work when it is hard to

April 25, 2024

Should love even be part of the equation?

Everyone keeps talking about doing work that you love, but we all know life isn't that simple. Some work for pleasure, some out of necessity, and some for both. Each of us has our own reasons we do what we do.

It's the month of love, so we asked a few Symphers to share what they love about their jobs and pieces of advice to love your job during the moments that that doesn't come naturally.

What do you love about your work?

I get to work with most of the team; I learn from them & about them. I also like that I'm in the place where I can make a difference in a lot of people's lives — from the people I work with, to the partners of Symph, and their customers.

Jarrhey, Chief Operating Officer

Growing each day with a task I've never seen before.

Sean, Full Stack Developer

I love how my creativity helps someone else enjoy their experience on screen.

Adrian, UI/UX Designer

Sky’s the limit—I can build whatever I want. I’m up for challenges every time.

Jhoenil, Full Stack Developer

The teamwork that we have whenever someone can’t solve a bug, the jokes, and even the silence we share while working. The camaraderie makes me happy, and it makes me love what I do.

Jessa, Full Stack Developer

Any advice on loving what you do?

Always do the right thing even when the right thing is the hard thing - Bryan Stevenson

Bryant, Finance Manager

Patience is the key to achieving something because it takes time to learn.

Ace, Full Stack Developer

Why do you do what you do? Whether that's to change the world or to provide for your family, write your answer on a sticky note and then paste it somewhere you keep looking at, or whatever. Keep coming back to your why.

Lenli, Marketing Executive

Real talk. Some of us are lucky to find a job that meets our passion, and some of us go to work and figure out how to be passionate about it. Most of us are responsible adults who show up at work because it is what we do. I wouldn't say leave your work now if you aren't happy about it. The last thing I want to happen is being haunted by that advice. But for you to love your work, know your 'why' and the 'why' of what you do.

Gee, Sales Executive

Loving one's job is not at the top of everybody's priority list, and that's totally fine.

We do spend a lot (if not most) of our time on our jobs, so it would be nice to feel good about doing it every now and then. It helps to identify which parts we love about it, so we aren't downhearted every waking hour doing it. That way, we can work reminded of our purpose and tackle our tasks headstrong.

We hope this helps! If you've got other advice on loving your work, we'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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Story by Christine Suson and Krisha Suico, Symph Interns 2021