A Newbie’s Guide to Symph Words

April 25, 2024

Most new hires here at Symph get a slight feeling of surprise or question every now and then once they realize that Symph is not your typical tech company. So, we have listed down Symph words or practices, together with their definitions, that are not very usual to most companies. Aspiring full-timers or interns, you might want to take note.

Symph Meets

Symph meets refer to our team meetings every Friday. These are the meetings when everyone should be present, and no one should be late.

During team meetings, we follow up project operations, introduce new processes, watch live Symph sessions, and jawdrop at card tricks that may or may not epicly fail. Most importantly, every Friday, we get to gain bits of wisdom from the brains and hearts of our dear founders- something other people have to pay sums of money for.

P.S. We have a whole blog series that talk about inspirational (we hope) topics discussed on these team meetings. Here is one sample.


Thursdevs is the weekly internal huddle of our developers to talk about new topics on tech, demo their work done, do mini workshops on new tech, brainstorm on areas for improvement of the development team, and more.

Disclaimer on the photo: ThursDevs may or may not have snacks for every session.

Frontend Fridays

ThursDevs, but for our design team. Frontend Fridays is the weekly syncing up of our designers to facilitate workshops for the team, plan community events focused on design, set collective OKRs, improve design team processes, and more. Topics range from Basics of Adobe Lightroom to Coding UI with Flutter. Creative juices are always free-flowing especially on Frontend Fridays!

Manage Mondays

We've got weekly huddles for our developers and designers, and we've got one for our managers too. Manage Mondays is for our project managers, and sales and marketing managers. On Manage Mondays, our managers cover a broad range of topics from how we can improve our project onboarding process to role playing kick-off sessions with new clients so we can collectively observe best practices and things to work on.

Just another Manage Monday! (Sing it)

Symph Sessions

In Symph, hands that code with the keyboard are also hands that play the keyboard, if you get what we mean.

Symphers are more than just coders or designers or project managers. Symph sessions are jam sessions dedicated to giving the stage to our musically-inclined teammates who serenade us with the amazing music they play. We believe that people should do what they love so they would be more driven to love what they do.

We witness live bands for free here.

Symph Space

The Symph office is not very much like most company offices. We call this the Symph space.

We value collaboration and creativity, among many other things. This is why people in Symph do not really have their own private offices (not even our CEO), or even cubicles. We’re not saying that that kind of structure hinders collaboration. We just believe that a space with less barriers encourages our teamwork and productivity.

As for creativity, well, the Symph space can already be considered an adult playground. To get a more concrete picture of what we mean by that, you might want to watch the video we described in this blog post.

These stuff give us a break and even help induce our creative and crazy ideas… Also, work hard, play hard.

For aspiring hires, we hope this helps! (If you wish to pursue internship in Symph, learn how to apply here. ) What else would you like to know about us and our work?