You’re a college student in Cebu if you relate to this

April 25, 2024

Aside from the usual everyday traffic and suspension of class announcements as unpredictable as the weather, we’re pretty sure there’s one more thing every college student in Cebu (Philippines) universities face:

The hassle of manually processing required school documents or going through manual admission systems.

Have you ever been frustrated working on your school documents during your break time (because let’s face it, that’s the only time you have), just to find out that it’s the offices’ break time too? Have you experienced having the offices lose those important papers you have diligently filled out? On top of that, there are times when you are given a date to come back and claim your document just to come on time and find out that the papers aren’t ready yet.

Symph conducted an online survey for university students in Cebu regarding their sentiments on going through these processes and these are the results we got:

This doesn’t even stop with the students who request the papers. Office staff or working scholars who do the admirable legwork of going through each document, checking the validity of the filled-out forms, and printing them, (not to mention facing the rage of annoyed people in the long lines) also get tired of this redundant and exhausting work.

All these processes take too much effort and time (and papers + staple wires) when in fact, this shouldn’t even be that big of a problem.

We live in a world where technology is nowhere near regressing; it is getting more and more advanced by the second. Instead of limiting it to providing WiFi throughout the school grounds, why not take it a step higher and use it to automate and digitize these processes?

Symph, a team of web designers and developers, is looking into proposing a centralized online platform for each university where both students and school offices can use to enroll students, access, and provide necessary documents. No more waste of time, effort, and good vibes that get drained with all the waiting.

We’re on a mission to #CreateBetter educational systems in Cebu and in the whole Philippines, equipped with the power-ups of technology— one institution at a time.

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