Why We Recommend Wordpress to Our Clients

April 17, 2023

It’s no secret that Wordpress is the easiest CMS (Content Management System) platform we (and the world) could find.

Plus, Wordpress is an open source platform which means it’s free for everyone to download, install, modify, extend and use for personal or commercial purposes.

Overall, it’s user and resource friendly — for the tech and non-tech alike.

Okay, so why are we telling you this?

Because we love you and value you. Really.

We understand that brands are always changing, and as websites also represent these brands, changes need to be reflected on the website too. And a platform such as wordpress gives clients the power to make desired changes the minute their website launches — even without the need of a third party service to do so.

Despite Wordpress’ simplicity — it is also highly customizable.

Websites made through Wordpress can be customized to perfectly reflect the business brand and to present its message in creative ways; like what we did with GeeksOnAPlane.

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Geeks on a Plane is a tour for startups, investors, and executives to learn about high-growth technology markets worldwide.

Non-tech Friendly

Wordpress is simple and easy to use, which means it becomes easy for clients to instantly update content without the need for highly technical staff or dedicated people to do the work. Which also means saving time and resources for you once your website is up.

Take the case of Megaworld. We built their Mactan Newtown website on Wordpress. It provided them a manageable platform to add new content to their website with ease. If they had an announcement to make they could easily create a blog post so visitors to their website would see it, and with some powerful plugins Megaworld and their visitors can easily share it on social media platforms.

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Wordpress also enables customizations such as the tooltip map shown in the image above. Our team implemented this to showcase the real estate developer’s projects in a non-conventional way.

It’s more than just show and tell.

While working with Glory Reborn, a non-profit organization, we were faced with the challenge that almost all non-profit organizations face — the need for financial support. And one credible way to do that is to integrate an easy way for donors to support them via the website, which is connected to payment gateways to facilitate the transactions.

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It was also with the understanding that regular updates are needed from the organization itself to keep donors in the loop with where their donations are going to. So, a blogging platform was necessary — which is then integrated with an email marketing service (e.g mailchimp, campaign monitor etc.) so blog posts can be curated together the end of each month and be automatically sent to subscribers.

This also makes it important to note that Wordpress has an extensive library of extensions and plugins — enabling the latest website features and customization to make user experience as easy (and unique) as possible.

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Wordpress works both ways. To be honest, it enables us (developers and designers) to be able to do our job more efficiently.

We have a team of designers and developers who are dedicated to being masters of the Wordpress platform.

By using Wordpress’ robust foundation we can focus more on designing the interface than laying the groundwork for standard required setups to create websites from scratch. Which also means faster implementation and turnover than the usual custom-built sites.

More importantly, what this means for clients is that you can do away with boring, templated designs which allows you to stand out from the competition — at lower resource costs.

If you have more questions, drop us a message or email us at, we’d be happy to answer them.

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