Why Have a Website?

April 17, 2023

When your business doesn’t have a website of its own, you’re disregarding so many things. With all the modernization the industry is adapting to, the last thing your business should not have is a website.

Without a website, these are what you miss out on:

1. Customers. Lots and lots of them.

Let statistics do the talking here. According to, more than 3 billion out of 7.476 billion people around the globe have become internet users. That’s about 50% internet penetration to the lives of individuals. Taking all the data (including those from the previous years) into consideration, it is evident that the growth rate of internet users has been continuously accelerating.

From that, you see how large of the market portion you haven’t touched.

2. Accessibility.

Having a website is like having a store which is open 24/7. Even when your physical store is closed, your customers can learn about you, view your products, place their orders- all just clicks away. Adding to their convenience, customers won’t have to undergo the hassle of commuting or driving to your store just to avail of your services. On top of that, your clients can send direct feedback or pose inquiries with your website as their channel, anytime and anywhere. Now that’s plus 100 pogi points.

3. Credibility.

Anyone can make a social media page, but having a website means you’re serious and committed with your business. Having a website helps you get to establish authority in your field and you get attract quality leads. Having them see your site stimulates their confidence in your credibility and people will take you seriously.

4. Chance to show off.

More specifically, the kind of show off that upgrades your business value in the eyes of your customers. A website allows you to control what you want people to see — your gallery, portfolio, awards, and the like for them to actually believe in you and the good things you can offer them. A website is the best channel for these displays, because although printing marketing collateral on newsletters and brochures is good, the method is not always practical and cost-efficient.

5. Everything Under Your Control.

We can’t deny how social media can be a great tool too. Sure, you can always rely on social media to boost your web presence — but this puts your business at the mercy of someone else. Remember when Facebook updated its algorithm thus decreasing the reach of business pages? Terrible, right? Trust us, we’ve been there.

Every business should have a piece of the internet that they can call home.

Every business should have a piece of the internet that they can call home, and not build a business on a property someone else owns (and you’re probably sharing with competition too).

The industry is way different now. Technology has been the axis in which the business world rotates. If you do not want to lag behind the race, you better step your game up.

So, the right question is not “Why have a website?”, but rather, “Why not have a website?”

There are plenty of options to get one, you might want to read this post if you’re serious about getting one for a big web project.

OR you can always email us for any web concerns:

Research and story by Rachel Lenli Tuhoy, Symph Intern 2017