What to expect when working with us

April 25, 2024

At Symph, we believe that project success is a result of great collaboration. In this post, we present our Terms of Work so you’ll know what to expect when working with us. We’ve created this framework from our 9+ years of experience in software development.

Expect the need for a high degree of engagement.

Meaningful functionality built for your project is our metric for success, which means we will build as much as time and resources permit to create features that enable you to achieve your business goals.

For us to make this happen, we follow a rigorous delivery process where we create functioning versions of your project every two weeks, test and validate it with real users, the person(s) who will use the project daily (including you), and iterate moving forward.

Collaboration with real users in the process is extremely critical because to achieve the most meaningful results, we require the use of each version by the project’s end user. This means we will need you to be our bridge to (or source of) feedback to validate hands-on use of the project. This is a technique used by startups around the world.

Expect open and honest communication

We will state openly when we need something or when we are blocked by something. We will also present you with potential solutions to these challenges and relevant pros and cons. We, in turn, expect that you will help us decide on the best course forward considering the limitations in time and resources we are given for the project, and we also expect that you will communicate with us openly and honestly.

Resources are assigned on-demand and they can be shared.

We offer full-time and part-time resource options (designers and developers) for your project. These resources are allocated to your project depending on the demand and on our availability. This can help you both when you need additional resources or you need to limit your expense. Since resources are shared across project teams, there might be instances where resources in your project are augmented, swapped, or reduced depending on overall project demand in our roster.

Our commitment is to fulfill your project to the best of our ability and build something you love.

Our project managers and your assigned account executive will work with you through this process and provide options if the need arises.

Our Promise

We will deliver the most efficient realization of your requirements with respect to the effort. We want you to receive business value as you go through the software development process with us.

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