These 5 New Symph Apps Could Change Your Life This Week

April 25, 2024

1. The productivity tool you can’t procrastinate on

Apps that keep you sane and organized with your to-do lists have been around for a while. But only a fair few inspire you to check it out [and actually tick off things from the list]. Our designer-in-chief, Dan, devised Inspiring Todo App, a chrome extension tool that makes your to-do lists, above all things, simple—this is something productivity apps often forget.

If you love Momentum, you should give this app a try. Visit

2. The Tech News App you need

It’s so easy to find your self in a black hole of information appearing on your screen every second, one minute you were reading the latest tech discoveries (what’s Elon Musk up to this time?”) only to find your self swiping through cat videos for an hour after. Jermaine, our Android genius, has created a solution with TechNews, an app that gives you a round-up of the latest and relevant tech news, saving you the trouble of scrolling through your social media feed.

3. The web app that lets your decisions be heard anonymously

How to decide on things and to keep everyone involved in the company’s major decisions (yes, including where to eat) is a problem we face ever so often. This is why, being the techies we are, we created a simple tool that hacks the (sometimes long and unproductive) process. With Decision Jam, all we simply have to do is create a Decision Jam room where everyone invited can pitch their ideas and vote—ANONYMOUSLY.

4. The App if you want to play a game of Basketball like a pro

In the court of professional basketball, the offensive team only has 24 seconds to attempt a shot or else, lose possession of a ball.

To emulate this rule in our public basketball courts or sidewalk hoops, Jermaine, our Android developer (and obviously basketball fan) personally devised the Basketball Shot Clock Timer app. It acts as a timer like that of a shot clock to keep/increase the game’s pace and scoring.

(In case you don’t know, or if it isn’t obvious enough, the Philippines is a basketball-loving country, too. Probably more than we do boxing.)

5. Give without feeling like you’re sacrificing anything.

We launched The Dollar Effect to help nonprofits achieve their goals with your help. It takes the subscription approach of just allocating $1 to your chosen charity per month. The Dollar Effect makes being charitable so convenient and inexpensive, you have no reason not to support the cause closest to your heart.

Let your loose change do the change the world mission for you. Visit The Dollar Effect.

Got an idea that you want to come to life? It does not matter how big or small, we could all use a little hack every now and then. Drop us a message at Symph and we could just build the app of your dreams.

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