These 12 companies are changing the F&B industry through technology

April 25, 2024

Like what Symph does with building websites and mobile apps for clients around the world, these companies we have listed are going the extra mile by using technology to #CreateBetter systems and tools in order to provide additional value to their customers.

Check out the graphics below to see what these web or mobile apps and systems are all about and how these have improved customer experience and internal operations.

1. McDo Philippines

The McDo Philippines mobile app allows you to order your McDo favorites and have those delivered no matter the occasion or time of the day.

Other features include:

  • Coupons: exclusive discounts and freebies
  • Store Locator: Find nearby McDonald’s stores
  • What’s New: Latest news from McDonald’s with exclusive promotions
  • McCelebrations: Browse through McCelebrations themes and packages

2. Shakey's

Through the Shakey’s mobile app, you can place your orders and receive them wherever you want them delivered. You can even place orders and have them delivered to a friend!

Other features include:

  • Store finder
  • Registration for a Shakey’s Supercard

3. Max's

Max’s is an ordering app where you can place your order and have them prepared for your claiming at your chosen branch. This allows hassle-free claim at the point of pick- up, and you can choose whether to pay through cash on delivery or using a credit card.

4. Krispy Kreme Philippines

This mobile app allows you to order your Krispy Kreme favorites and have them delivered or prepared for pick-up, which gives chances of exclusive access to deals and gift certificates.

Other features include:

  • Stamp card: Collect stamps to earn special gifts.
  • Rewards: exclusive access to Krispy Kreme coupons.
  • Stores: View list of stores and find a Krispy Kreme branch near you.
  • Favorites: Create and save your custom choice of doughnut combination for faster order placements.
  • What’s New: Latest Krispy Kreme products and offers.

5. Bo's Coffee

The Bo’s Coffee Mobile App lets you earn points for every drink you purchase and gives you rewards for supporting Philippine coffee.

Other features include:

  • Store locator

6. Gong Cha

Milk tea lovers now get to earn points for every purchase of Gong Cha milk tea, recorded using QR codes. These points can be redeemed for free drink upsizes, discounts, and free drinks.

Other features include:

  • Products list
  • Store locator

7. Vikings Rewards

Vikings Rewards is a mobile app offered by The Vikings Group designed for members to earn exclusive Vikings Reward Points and track their points progress.

Accumulated points can be redeemable rewards like buffet perks and members- only privileges.

Other features include:

  • Store locator
  • Reservation

8. Starbucks App

With every My Starbucks Rewards purchase, users get to earn free drinks, whole bean & Teavana, and VIA (Starbucks’ instant coffee).

Other features include:

  • Menu
  • Rewards
  • Updates
  • Store Locator

9. Del Monte Pacific Limited

Different meal recipes (especially the Filipino recipe collection!) can be found in Del Monte’s website.

These recipes contain all the necessary information you’ll need when cooking your favorite caldereta or other meals (ingredients, methods, tools, etc.). You can even send the recipe to your email or immediately print it out!

Click the infographic to check it out!``

10. Coca- Cola

In Coca-Cola’s official website, you can actually calculate the rough number of pieces of soft drinks, water, juice, and power drinks that would be needed for your party. These are factored in by the number of people, the duration of the party, and the people’s drink preferences.

Cool(a), right?


11. Figaro Coffee

Figaro Coffee enables its customers to locate Figaro cafes in the area using the “cafes” feature in their website. By selecting their province/ city and their specific locations, users can see the nearby cafes through Google maps.

12. The Abaca Group

Symph built The Abaca Group’s digital commissary system where all forms of communication between branches were transferred and automated the management process in their branches.

Administrators can see all the available goods and can have a customized list they can pick from. Overall, this gives not only the administrators, but even the company executives more visibility and control over the operations.

Do you see an opportunity for systems like these in your business? Send us a message. We’d love to know how we can help.