The women behind Symph: Our Marketing Team

May 2, 2024

The future of women in Marketing Technology or Martech looks promising. In the first half of 2019,  48% of CMOs hired were women. Marketing teams are central to business success. They are tasked with everything from building awareness of your brand, promoting products or services, and providing customer service and engagement in public forums.

At Symph, we have women in Marketing and Business Development with diverse backgrounds from geodetic engineering, magazine publishing, and developer relations coming up with great campaigns and strengthening the brand. Get to know them and their thoughts on our special feature this International Women’s month.

What is women empowerment to you?

“Women empowerment for me is the ability to make choices for ourselves in every aspect of our lives, the right to influence social change whether we start within our workplace or community, and to be able to celebrate or promote women's sense of self worth. Empowered women are important in order for us to build progressive nations.”

What advice can you give to fellow women who are in the tech industry or will consider a career in tech?

“I would like to give 3 pieces of advice to women who are in different stages of their careers in tech. First, if you are new or a fresh graduate, find a community that will help you grow and inspire you. Start by attending, then volunteer and then lead. For women who are in the mid-level career, keep upskilling or re-skill if you took time off for family, be brave to take on the senior leadership role or team lead role, let your voice be heard. A more diverse group in a company will come up with better solutions and products. For women who are in the senior or executive role, find time to mentor women whether 1:1 or a small group so we can inspire and uplift the spirits of the younger generations if they're going through challenges or having doubts. There’s space for women in tech and in time we’ll keep occupying space till women hold half the sky and break the glass ceiling.”

What is women empowerment to you?

“Women who support not just women but all genders too! Empowered women are leaders and mentors in their own way, who help encourage others to help know their worth as a person. Having these kinds of women can definitely help change things for the better - in your workspace, your household, or whatever environment you’re in. It is about creating a safe space and dropping all biases and discriminations, where anyone is allowed to and encouraged to voice out their thoughts.”

Which woman do you look up to and why?

“In relation to women empowerment, I look up to my Mom, whom I also consider an empowered woman. My mom has always encouraged me to walk my own path (of course while she guides me along the way). As someone who grew up shy, she has been the one encouraging me to never be scared to voice out what I think and feel, and it has helped me become more vocal as I grew up. Most importantly, she has taught me it’s okay to make mistakes, to allow myself to have my weak moments so I can learn from them, because how will we learn to be stronger if we don’t experience hurdles?”

How does your life or journey at Symph help you break the bias? (explain what Break the Bias is)

“#BreakTheBias phrase is quite self-explanatory in itself — it means we’re breaking the biases, stereotypes, discrimination to create a more diverse, inclusive, and equal world. Personally, it’s not just for women only but all genders as well where we should promote solidarity by breaking the bias everywhere.

Frankly speaking, I’ve never encountered scenarios where I had to consciously break the bias in Symph as it’s already ingrained with each of us that we are all equal regardless of our background, social status, education, and especially gender. We do it organically. There is no specific methodology that we have to follow to break the bias as our inclusivity and Symphony (Geddit? 😎) are already part of our culture and who we are as a company. Solidarity is already within us. Everyone’s voice matters.”

What advice can you give to fellow women who are in the tech industry or will consider a career in tech?

“It’s vital to choose a community where your support system is strong and healthy, so intentionally select people who inspire and encourage you to become a better person (and vice versa). 🙂”

That concludes our International Women’s Month feature where we got to showcase the lovely ladies of Symph. Here in Symph, we continue to empower diversity and provide equal opportunities for our team for all genders. Like this story? You can also read about our female Full stack developers and UI/UX designers, project managers, and product owners.

By the way, we’re looking for more awesome people to join our team!