The Types of People You Meet in Tech

April 17, 2023

As various as programming languages can be, so are the people in the field of technology. This domain is full of different passions, styles, working habits, and even types of creativity. In this post, get to know more about the various types of peculiar but gifted people you will meet in the field of tech:

The Nervous Newbie

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This new hire is shy to interact at first. He calls everyone sir or ma’am. Of all the others, he is the most paranoid about the processes, in the work or in the company as a whole, but very eager to learn. Also, he comes on time and leaves on time… for now.

The Charming Cheerer

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It doesn’t take a lot to impress this gal. She is always so amazed at what her workmates come up with — an unconventional idea, a simple design, or a working code. This cheerleader always boosts the confidence of everyone, motivating them to do better every time. Being good at her own forte herself, she is also always there to help especially the newbies.

The Active Advocate

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He longs for change, and he knows he has to do something to make change happen. This is why he loves a good cause, and acts on an idea he knows would create an impact on the world he lives in. Whether it’s building the next animal shelter foundation or developing an application that would help generate income for local artists, the advocate is always motivated to make use of technology to empower their cause.

The Easygoing Extrovert

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Most likely the loud one. Everyone knows that he has arrived, or that he has already left. He constantly asks people questions, work-related or not because he cares — a whole lot. His voice is what uplifts the spirit in the office, making everyone feel that they are part of the team. He is always out organizing or speaking at the next conference or meetup. He takes the most group selfies, and he has the most friends both in the online and offline sphere.

The Dexterous Designer

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She looks so chill but delivers jaw-dropping outputs. It takes her long to finish, or even to start a design but that’s because she thoroughly contemplates the concept that would be perfectly illustrated in the design. One take is not enough, too — she keeps redoing, redesigning, adding or subtracting elements — just to get that ‘finally!’ look. She is not very organized with her place, but at least she is with her work.

The Ultimate Untouchable

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“Don’t talk to me, I’m coding”.

This is the Jedi. The master. The one with the most number of monitors than others and owns just one color sweater. Most of the time, he is also the mediator. Mobile development and/or web languages- Java, Python, CSS- name it, he knows it. He is the very serious type, and codes like he is on a Mission Impossible scene.

The Hero Hacker

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Being the ninja who masters web hacks (and incognito skills), he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. The (good) hacker always sees a way to do things faster. His skills are needed for quality assurance and security measures. The tech world needs him. Everyone needs him. All he needs is a high speed internet.

The Profound Perfectionist

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She is outspoken about the things that could go wrong in a project and areas that could be improved on. She panics if a project delivery is delayed, pushes to get things done, and makes sure people are performing well — all because she wants the best for the team, and for the clients. She is the type we need to remind us not to settle for mediocrity.

Yes, truly assorted. But these diversities are what make up a productive and open-minded team that helps each other learn and grow. Now, which type are you? Or got other idea types in mind? Let us know!

Story by Rachel Lenli Tuhoy | Art by Kimberly Javier