The Symph Team

April 17, 2023

One thing we never really nailed down into writing is the topic of our team — and how we are proud of what it is and what it will be.

Maybe it is because writing about our team is like talking about our values, our culture and vision altogether. All of which have been naturally ingrained into our day to day grind as The Symph Team.

Team equals Culture

We never really built our culture, the team has embodied it and it built itself. Starting from the visionaries that are our founders, with their beliefs and values driving who we work with and how we work. The team adapted and shared that mindset, and that shared vision rippled across the company.

It begins with the interview. Aside from their exceptional skills — we hire people we think the team will trust and be happy to work with. And most importantly, he/she must show us they can get things done.

We believe we work best if we let people be comfortable with themselves to begin with, whether it’s through installing an indoor basketball hoop, enacting a flexible dress code, or coming to work at whichever time they wish. If we know, trust, understand and care about our team, we are able to empower them to be their best selves and to make a difference.

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Changing the World

Symph has always wanted to change the world , as cliche as it may sound, Symph is still sincerely driven by that. And we want to empower people to make a difference — be it to our own team members, to the partners we work projects with, or to the startups we make.

This explains why we have no templated designs, nor templated pricing. Because the minute we find someone we’d love to partner with, the team sits down on it and assesses what we could bring to the table to make it all not just possible and ‘goal-reaching’ but something our client would be proud of and would ‘benefit’ from.

When you hire Symph’s services, you do not just hire us for our skills — you are hiring a team that works with you — not just for you; to add more brains, experience, value, and strategy to your project. It’s not to say that you take lesser value from other service providers but how we operate with our partners is the defining factor that makes Symph, well, Symph.

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Symph empowers people to make a difference, and we are driven by the will to make the world a better place.

And if you have worked with us, and have changed the world — no matter the scale of it — you are as good as part of the team. We couldn’t be any prouder to have you as a partner, and we only hope we have made you proud as well.

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