Tech i̶n̶ is the new normal

April 25, 2024

“I started to encounter difficulties when buying groceries online as some vendors became overwhelmed with the sudden increase in orders. My friend offered a solution by providing a list of different vendors with similar items, but apparently they were not yet ready to go digital. They didn’t accept digital payments or bank transfers, making it difficult for them to continue running their business in this situation.

Even now, there are big companies with websites that are not properly integrated with their sales platform. They rely solely on salespeople, but amid the pandemic no one can acquire their products since people are urged to work from home and the companies don't have any online platform.”

-Ossy Indra, Head of Corporate PR at GDP Venture, as she shared this personal experience in the article“New normal: Impromptu of digital transformation”

Ask anyone last year, and nobody would have seen this coming.

We have heard about digital transformation a lot in the news, in events nearby, on social media, and in meetups. But it still sounded like a concept, something that’s happening far in the future.

But it’s here. It’s happening much faster than we expected, and it’s happening on a global scale.

According to this article by Bain & Community:

“In Italy, for instance, the lockdown has significantly boosted online shopping, lockdown has significantly boosted online shopping, with many people making digital purchases for the first time. Meanwhile, app-enabled food and grocery delivery services across Asia are experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand, and some ride-hailing companies and taxi services have pivoted drivers to deliver food and other items. Beyond the immediate fallout of the crisis, it has become clear that some of these shifts are here to stay: Covid-19 is radically accelerating the digital future.”

We’re all seeing this, aren’t we?

All of a sudden, it’s not about your store’s foot traffic anymore. It’s about your online traffic.

It’s not about being open from 9 to 5, but being available 24/7/365.

It’s not anymore walking up to your customers to ask about their experience, but staying connected to them without even seeing them.

This health crisis is challenging businesses around the world to adapt to the challenges it is bringing, and at the same time continuing to deliver the goods and services that their customers rely on.

We at Symph have always made it our mission to equip individuals, startups, and companies around the world to be ready for something just like this.

As we are writing this, our team is collaborating with clients to build the digital products (websites, web and mobile apps, custom software) that they need to not only survive, but thrive in this crisis and in the post-pandemic world.

How about you? Have you embraced the new normal?

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