Tech Conference Survival Guide: Francis Alturas

April 25, 2024

Being one of the first attendees/volunteers of GOAB, to becoming last year’s speaker, and to organizing a few of his own Design events on the side — Symph’s design and branding master, Francis Alturas shares his ways of the force when it comes to making most out of these conferences:

  • Ask yourself

“Before I decide to attend a tech or design conference. I try to understand ‘what value does it bring me?’” The value here is basically the lessons which are considered to be beneficial in a sense that it actually helps you become a better developer, designer, startup, business owner, or in abstract as an individual.

  • Align yourself

“You must align your interests and skill set with the conference.” Knowing your interest helps you in discovering more of yourself. There will be a big tendency that you might exceed the limits as passion is involved in the context. Hence, if you are so passionate about CSS, attending events like CSS conference would make sense. Also, if you love design, then go for a design conference.

  • Understand that it’s a conference, not a boot camp

There is this misconception in some people that by joining a specific type of conference, you instantly learn how to code. Even though you learn something from the talks, mastering a specific skill takes a lot of practice & time. Understand that you’re here for inspiration, to be a catalyst for growth and find some directions where to go next in the craft you are passionate about.

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  • Network with people

“Share what you know and develop a network of peers.” Got extra freelance work you can’t handle? Then give it to someone. Create meaningful connections with people. The opportunities are endless with this one because collaboration is the key to greater and bigger things. Teamwork just makes the dream work.

  • Don’t be a douche

Make friends. Ask questions. Be curious. Get inspired. Share what you know. Make the most of it as you rarely see people of the same interests as you are on the same place.

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