Symphfolio: Weapons of Mass Distribution

October 20, 2022

500 Startups is a celebrity when it comes to the tech community, being one of the world’s leading global venture capital seed funds and startup accelerators. So when they emailed us for a website request for their upcoming event, we geeked out an extra bit.

Nerds Unite

The mad scientists of 500 startups wanted an event site that would be dynamic and adjustable, so we opted to build on the wordpress cms.

500 startups and their event entitled Weapons of Mass Distribution is a one-day annual conference that brings together top growth geeks, data nerds and over 450 entrepreneurs to help startups reach their maximum potentials.

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A web project with a target audience within the technology sector, the website demands a design and user experience that makes sure users engage and convert. We focused our mad scientist minds to achieve this.

Given just the event logo and a few graphics to experiment with, we concocted the event’s site with the perfect mixture of mad, geek and genius!

While we enjoyed crafting the site, it has been an extra pleasure for us to render our services to geek supporting communities and events and help them become more awesome.

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