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Symphfolio: Haier Apps Online

June 9, 2023

Haier Apps Online is an e-commerce site that sells Haier appliances online and delivers them to its customers. Symph was tasked to create the platform which caters to our locale that is Cebu and Mandaue city.

Haier is one of the well-known groups for consumer electronics and household appliances. The group’s brands include GE Appliances, Casarte, Aqua and many others.

Haier has extended to an open entrepreneurship platform and paved way for micro-enterprises to take advantage of e-commerce platforms to distribute their products. Having tapped for an opportunity by a businessman in the Philippines — we were faced with the challenge to create an e-commerce site for Haier that caters to the Cebu market.

Aligning the Store and Online Shopping experience

It is always a challenge to bridge offline endeavors to its online counterparts. For Haier, this means creating a structure that’s organized, easy and trustworthy for customers. We’re talking about appliances after all. We made sure the interface was informative yet breathable enough to mimic the feel of the appliances section of Cebu’s local department stores.

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Keeping the Haier visual brand in mind, the strategy comes in presenting and organising the product catalogue. We focused on providing users with a straightforward and easy experience in looking through the products and straightforward enough that would influence them to make a purchase.

With the OFWs as one of the main target users, we made sure ordering is fast, easy and reliable.

We studied different potential users and their shopping habits that would help us in designing the platform that converts users to buyers and eventually to loyal consumers. We applied the strengths of popular e-commerce sites that locals are familiar with.

Fun Fact: Haier Cebu was inspired by R2D2 of Star Wars. See how Haier Cebu came to be in this article.