Symph Talks: Communication

May 2, 2024

This article is the first for our series “Symph Talks” where we will be sharing tidbits of wisdom and advice from our Symph team meetings.

The Value of Communication

We all want to be heard — be it at home, school, in relationships. Imagine how suffocating it would be if all you’ll ever be able to do is what you’re told, without people even hearing what you have to say.

This is why in Symph, interactive communication is very essential. Although it is so much easier for the executives or the directors to dictate and expect their employees to follow, we believe that kind of practice is not always effective and sustainable.

In a research conducted in a company in the Netherlands, an analysis showed that “when employees voiced their opinions less often, their conflicts with colleagues increased. Conversely, employees who thought their manager was indeed paying attention spoke up more often and got along better with one another, improving the organization’s functioning as a whole.”

Symph believes in the power of ideas, creativity, and collaboration — and we need a team with voices to have that. Each member of the team isn’t hired to just follow the rules, after all. If they were, Symph wouldn’t have grown to what it is now. Symph probably will just be slightly more than one person behind a laptop and a limited skill-set.

If you want your team to be able to perform at optimum level as they are capable of (or more), you have to make sure you don’t turn a blind eye to what they think and how they feel. Be sensitive. Ask. Listen. Understand.

This is the key to collaboration and a smoother and pleasant internal workflow. It is going the extra mile, but its effects are of far more worth than its cost.

To quote Dave, CEO of Symph:

“Your team is a safe environment.”

You know you can always count on your team to do their job for the company. Be somebody they can count on, too.

Every end of the week, we have team meetings where we get to listen to the brains and hearts of our dear founders. As these talks have amused, enlightened, and helped us individually in more ways than one, we would also like to share these with the world to hopefully inspire you as it inspired us. Hence, the Symph Talks.

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