Our 8 UI/UX Design services for your softwares and products

April 25, 2024

At Symph, we find importance in providing captivating design and a great user experience in the web apps, mobile apps and products we build through UI UX. What is UI UX Design? It means user interface and user experience, which are the key elements for websites and softwares. UI (user interface) is about the design of the software while UX (user experience) is about how a user interacts with the features of a software.

Through the years, we have expanded our UI/UX services that will help provide a better experience for your startups and businesses. Here is how we can help you:

1. User Experience

User experience is about how your users interact with the features designed and developed. We create the overall experience of how the user will interact with the product or software we build.

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Empath (

2. User Interface

A good design satisfies your customers. Our goal is to provide captivating design for your product or software. We create the overall look of the product or software that helps enhance the whole user experience.

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3. Prototyping

Before we proceed to designing, we prototype the user interface and user experience so that users can have an initial feel on how to interact with the design. We create these through low-fidelity, mid-fidelity, and high-fidelity mockups and are done on Figma.

OQ UI/UX Prototype
Spayce UI/UX Prototype
Spayce High-Fidelity Mockup

4. Product Design

Aside from building websites, web apps and mobile apps, we also create the overall design of your startups and products, from UI/UX to branding. Here are some of the products we have built: omniquotient, Units and Branchify.

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5. UX Research

Good user experience is one of the things that make a user happy when they’re using software. As we design software, we talk to users and study how they interact with the design, their feedback will help us know how to improve on the whole design process.

A preview of the OQ user research flow

6. Design Sprints

A design sprint is a 5-day activity where the goal is to help the team solve a problem through design thinking. Each day of the five days is dedicated to mapping out a problem, writing solutions, creating a hypothesis out of the problem, creating a prototype for the hypothesis, and then testing it with actual users.

A preview of OQ design sprints done on Miro
Our CTO Albert Padin and Emmy award winning designer Chris Do hosting a 4-day design sprint

7. UI/UX Training

Want to enhance your skills in UI UX Design? Our team of UI UX designers can help through various online training sessions. Email our Chief Design Officer and Director for Business Development for more details on how to avail.

Our designers Dan and Rose were invited to do a UI/UX workshop for Globe Telecom employees— developers, project managers, business analysts, and others, for their growth and skills development.
Our CTO and Symph designers become mentors for a Design Sprint workshop organized by GBG Cebu
A photo of some of our UI UX Designers in their weekly UI UX Meetup

8. UI/UX Audit and Consultation

Need help in knowing how to improve with your software’s overall UI UX design? We can provide website development consultation and help audit your design and provide insights on how it can be improved.

Want to know how UI/UX services can help you, especially your startups? Read more about it here

Reach out to us if you have more questions about our UI UX services.