Online Payment: A Gamechanger in Property Management

April 17, 2023

The way we pay for things has evolved over the years. From banks to credit unions, from savings and loan associations to microfinancing, from remittance centers to money transfer companies, from credit card companies to e-payment platforms, the way we pay for things has evolved over the years. Research shows transitioning to online payment in property management attracts better renters and saves payment processing time up to 90%. Hence, the traditional payment method is slow and requires a lot of time and energy, not just for the person who is assigned to bill and collect payments in multiple tenants of the properties, but also the tenants.

With all these challenges at hand, people in property management realize the value and importance of online payment and digitization especially in collecting payments from tenants. Units is a full suite property management system that includes an online payment feature that is fast, secured, convenient, and cost-effective where you can collect your rent payments in two easy steps!

Here’s how it works

1. Seamlessly create an invoice link in 5 minutes

Here you can specify the service, select payment type, and add the amount

2. Payment link will then be sent to your customers in bulk

Your customer or tenants can then easily fill out the details on their smartphones and you can get paid immediately in different ways that are very convenient to them.

Here are the payment options of the online payment

Our insights

Technology in the workplace statistics for 2019 show workers in companies that are augmented by automation technologies are 31% more productive, and the workplace itself is 33% more likely to be human-friendly. Using Units Property Management System enables you and your team to focus on attending to your tenants' or customers' needs rather than being buried with paperwork which will be more strategic to the company. Aside from Units Collection of Payment Feature, you can also:

Automate your entire billings and collections

Send billings in one click

Generate real-time financial reports

Let’s make your collection payment more efficient and tenants happier. Make your online payment system more convenient.

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