Is Your Real Estate Website Optimized For Your OFW Customers?

April 17, 2023

This is especially true for real estate development companies.

With their hard earned money, many of our OFWs invest in wise and practical ventures that generate fair returns in the long run, like real estate properties, to name one.

Seeing the importance of the OFW market for your real estate company, how do you make sure that your online presence satisfies this market?

1. A Facebook page is not enough. Nor is a low quality website.

As overseas workers who can’t do on-site visits for potential property investments, they would, of course, search the internet for you.

A Facebook page is not enough. Facebook is the most known channel when it comes to connecting to your social network, but not necessarily for finding the best real estate companies to invest heaps of money in. There are many scams for these things on Facebook.

Now then, they would tap Google for reliable sources. When they search for real estate companies, how can they trust some companies that can’t even get their websites right? You have to make sure your website is equipped with features that suffice for your OFW market.

2. Project updates website feature

Overseas clients are depending on your website for project details and updates, together with photos and videos to prove those.

Your website should have a “Project Updates” dedicated to this. Some of the necessary information to include in this page are the project overview, perspective and floor plans, and amenities and facilities.

Make them feel at ease and confident that the projects they are investing in are in good hands through these updates.

3. Online payment

This is not yet common with real estate websites in the Philippines, but this is a beneficial feature especially for the market we are focusing on in this context.

To pay you, your OFW customers have to send money to their relatives here in the country. These relatives then pay it forward to the real estate contact agents. This entire tedious and sometimes unsure process can actually be done digitally, when you add an online payment option in your website.

This feature could even be the “Yes” point of a potential client to decide investing in your project/s, no matter where they are from in the world.

We know these because Symph has already developed websites for many regarded real estate companies. One of them is the reputed Cebu Landmasters, Inc. The website we built for them extended their reach, improved customer and investor relations, and helped them live up to the reputation of being a national property development powerhouse.

Need a new website or a revamp on your current one? Send us a message. We’d love to know how we can help.