How we helped digitalize their supply chain tracking system

April 30, 2024

Managing too many files manually is like carrying a heavy backpack on a trek. 

Just as a heavy backpack can slow you down and make it difficult to move, handling too many files can slow down your work process. And just like how a heavy backpack affects not only you but also your entire group, a manual process of handling files can affect not just one person but the entire company’s productivity. 

Our client's dependence on what used to be a  manual inventory system was challenging like this. It was time-consuming and very prone to errors, which affected their team's efficiency and productivity.

So they used this as an opportunity to digitalize their process which helped them optimize their operations and improve their employees’ experience.  


ASPS Motor Sales Inc. is a local automotive brand that provides quality surplus parts and supplies from Japan. They focus on distribution, so tracking the supplies throughout the entire supply chain is necessary using an inventory system. This system used to be highly inefficient.

📜 Before

Employee needs to find a unit in their inventory ➡️ Opens multiple spreadsheets to find the unit ➡️ If not found, opens another spreadsheet in a collection of spreadsheets and manually find the item ➡️ Cycle repeats until they find that specific unit

“So…how did you collaborate to improve their manual process?”

We worked on streamlining and automating the core issues with this process. 

⚡The now

1. Everything is seen in one place

✍️ Before: They used several files to monitor various attributes (e.g. chassis no., contractor, and body type) for each unit in their stock.

💻 Now: They could track different properties of the unit they need to look for on one screen. This resulted in a more organized and efficient way of tracking. Searching for what they want is easier, too, which saved them time and reduced the risk of errors from doing manual searches. 

2. Time spent on manual work has been significantly reduced

✍️ Before: They had to open multiple spreadsheets to track the unit they are looking for.

💻 Now: They reduced the manual work required, saving time and minimizing the risk of errors.

👨‍💻 Highlights

  • By collaborating closely with the ASPS team, we were able to gain a deep understanding of their needs and identify areas for improvement. We kept everyone involved in the loop and constantly asked for feedback resulting in better-informed decisions, streamlined processes, and improved bottom line for them.
  • When it came to launching the new platform, it was important to get things right. We did thorough quality assurance testing to ensure everything worked as it should. We even had their employees test the platform and provide feedback so that we could make the necessary adjustments. The priority was to make sure that the new platform was user-friendly and that it would make it easier for their team to follow their processes in a seamless way.

We always find it inspiring to see enterprise companies turn a challenge into an opportunity to innovate and improve how they do things. When technology is harnessed to automate repetitive actions and streamline inefficient processes that your employees follow, you’re giving your team more time and capacity to do the things that contribute to a bigger impact on your company and your vision.

If you need help in optimizing your manual processes or in creating a solution to make your enterprise more efficient, let’s talk and we will see how we can help.