How this eyewear brand changed the game in buying glasses online

April 25, 2024

Have you ever bought eyeglasses before?

If so, you might remember going to the shop for an eye exam and then trying on different frames to see which one fits your face shape.

But with the pandemic, it became harder for people to go to physical stores and do this.

Sunnies Studios, one of the top eyewear providers in the Philippines, wanted to help their customers so they decided to make the task of buying prescription eyewear faster and easier by bringing this experience online!

Spoiler Alert 🚨: In 3 months, we were able to rebuild their application on Shopify, upgrading their website speed and performance. This helped Sunnies Studios not only survive, but thrive during the lockdown. 

Prescription Flow in a nutshell:

So, what did Sunnies and Symph do together?

Sunnies had existing Philippine and international websites built on Shopify Plus. 

Shopify Plus is a comprehensive e-commerce platform designed specifically for large and fast-growing enterprises that offer everything they need to optimize and scale their online sales efficiently and effectively.

Sunnies decided that they needed to revamp their app for the online prescription glasses flow and they wanted to work with a software development company close to home for this undertaking, and that’s how they got us. 

So, we: 


1. Took the prototype they had and ironed it out

Sunnies already had the app prototype so we just had to make  sure we worked out all the details through back-and-forth discussions to make sure everything was clear.

2. Brought the designs to life! 

We then moved on to the fun part! We implemented the designs created by Sunnies into a fully functional app through Shopify.

3. Published the site live 

Voila! Sunnies’ customers can already start using the online prescription flow.

Glen Deiparine,
Senior E-commerce Manager,
Sunnies Inc.

“We successfully made shopping for a highly customized product —like prescription eyewear, easy and frictionless for our customers online. This was among the multiple milestones that our team achieved thanks to Symph. It was a pleasure working with a passionate and talented team!”

What were key elements in accomplishing the project (despite being remote)?

  • Constant communication in WhatsApp
  • Weekly demo calls with the Sunnies team
  • Having points of contact from the Sunnies team for quick turnaround 


  • We helped build their online prescription glasses flow for customers to buy lenses
  • We integrated the new designs of their catalog product page by developing it via Shopify
  • We catered Sunnies’ Shopify requests with quick turnaround times. We were just one ping away when they needed help.

Fun fact 💡 This collaboration with Sunnies was completed in 2022.  

Even with more physical stores popping up for Sunnies, customers can still purchase their favorite Sunnies Studios Prescription Glasses online, wherever they are. 

Want to make this possible for your business? Talk to us and we will see how we can help.