How Stanible is Changing the Celebrity-Fan Culture in the Philippines

April 25, 2024

Imagine this - what if we offered you the chance to get your hands on a one-of-a-kind collectible that only a select few in the world can get their hands on?

And, it gets even better - what if we also gave you access to exclusive digital content from your favorite celebrities and idols? 

Stanible – the first NFT (non-fungible token) platform in the Philippines that allows fans to own digital fan merch from their favorite local celebrities. 

Working with Stanible, we could see they’re one of the best examples of how a startup should be. Not only did they are so easy to work with (dream team! 🤩), but they are very intentional of the why behind their NFT platform. 

They know exactly what they want, what to do, how to communicate well, on top of the perfect milestones of what a startup pacing should be which helped us understand how to help build Stanible. 

📜 How it all started

John, who is one of the pioneers in the bitcoin ecosystem in the Philippines since 2014, reached out to us so we can help develop their NFT platform. The alignment and initial brainstorming with their team was so seamless and fast, that the next thing we knew, we’re already building their MVP.

“You don’t have to understand NFTs or be a crypto owner to take part in this—Stanible does it for you.”

The Stanible app allows fans to get access to collectibles that they can buy or own, these can be bought through the payment modes GCash, Maya, credit and debit cards. This allows fans to avoid the hassle of cryptocurrencies, including NFT transactions.

👨‍💻 Here’s what we did

1. We did implementations and improvements on their website
The design of the Stanible website was already built by an external expert in UI/UX. We came in to build features and improve the website. 

We built the website with front-end and minimal backend development. Some of the key features include:

  • Connect with your Favorite Celebrity
  • Post and Mint your collectibles
  • Send gift to your friends
  • Like, Follow and Share
  • Earn Stancoins by Referring a friend
  • Earn Badges and Be the Top Stan

2. We built their MVP (mobile app)

After building their website where customers could get to know more about Stanible, we built their MVP and polished by an external team expert in UI/UX. We then built the features from the Version 1.5 and upcoming builds.

Stans can now buy NFTs of their favorites anytime, anywhere. 

💡Fun fact: Stanible made it possible to buy and sell NFTs (those unique digital assets) right in their app. Stanible team created a tool called NFT API that allowed us to do this. We just had to add some special code to the app, and that's it - fans can now easily trade NFTs on the platform.

How did the project become a success (despite doing remote work)?

  • Direct feedback. They are so easy to work with that they can give their straight-forward and candid feedback anytime during the whole project duration
  • Weekly demos. We had weekly demos with their team for updates and feedback from them pushing the product faster
  • Agile process. They mastered the art of iterative development which we seek for making their product into a reality faster.

📝 TLDR; Stanible genuinely listened to their customers, and built an app the fans wanted! 

With their passion and adaptability, Stanible is definitely one of the perfect examples of how a startup should function. 

Experience a whole new level of fandom and never miss out on exclusive updates from your favorite celebs again. Download the Stanible app on iOS and Google Play today!

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