How our 30-Day Challenge improved our habits

April 25, 2024

"I wanted to start this habit but I'm having a hard time starting it."

We've all been there. As a team, we value growth and constantly improve ourselves. We wanted to help each other with this, and that’s how the idea of the 30-Day Challenge was born. The 30-Day Challenge is an initiative organized by some Symphers with the goal of improving the habits we’re building... in a fun way!

Our challenges span from learning to lifestyle-changing. Everyone can participate by joining a challenge or creating their own challenges for others to join in. The organizers give out rewards to the top challengers and authors every end of the month. We also established a  point system and leaderboard to determine the winners.

Why 30 days, you ask?

"We think it's the perfect amount of time to do a self-improvement challenge. It’s long enough to make something part of our daily routine and short enough that it will not overwhelm us!" - Leigh Lapura, 30-Day Challenge founder

How it works:

  • Everyone who participates submits their entries in our Discord channel. To submit an entry, one types in a prompt so their entry gets recorded.
  • Once they send the prompt, he/she receives a corresponding point.

Here are samples of some challenge entries:

Daily UI Challenge

Daily Illustration Challenge

2-minute Daily Speech

Creative Writing Daily Challenge

Here’s what our team has to say about this initiative:

“While discipline might be a hard pill to swallow, it was a bit easier with the 30 Days Challenge. Being able to partake in it makes me excited to look forward to achieving my personal and professional goals one day at a time.” - Jeanille Abayon, full stack developer intern and 30-Day Challenge participant

"It was a rewarding experience seeing other Symphers take on the 30 day challenge and see how they tackle the different challenges we had in store for them." - Tony de la Cruz, full stack developer and 30-Day Challenge organizer.

"It feels fulfilling whenever someone does the challenge I created and is having fun at the same time with the small activities I prepared. As for the 30-day challenge itself, it was also fulfilling to see the active Symphers and Symphers doing the challenge and making it part of their lives." - Rache T., full stack developer and 30-Day Challenge organizer.

"I feel proud of how our challenge came to be. People are willing to start a habit through this activity and seeing them do it made me happier. The challenges are good enough to keep themselves better." - Ace Cerio, full stack developer and 30-Day Challenge organizer.

What's next for the 30-day challenge?

We started the 30-Day Challenge using Notion for the list of challenges and Discord automation to track everyone’s daily entries, and now we’re leveling it up by developing an app for it.  The app will contain more exciting features like participants being able to challenge friends, claim rewards directly from the app, and more.

Here is a preview of the app in progress:

These different challenges inspired us to start something that improves areas of ourselves and have fun while doing it, at our own pace. From submitting entries to recording daily progress, it’s rewarding to see each of us grow individually and ultimately, as a team.

If you have any tips on starting and building habits, we’d love to hear them below in the comments!

Story by Jaiun Roa
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