How Milksha Philippines launched its website in only 2 weeks

April 25, 2024

You know that feeling when you finally meet someone who just gets you? 

That's what it was like for us working with Milksha Philippines.

We reached out to one of the biggest fast-food chain brand in the Philippines as part of our efforts in helping enterprise companies with their digital innovations. They came back to us with a cool challenge - they need to launch a new brand but..... it should be up and running in two weeks. (Did you just say two weeks? 👀)

It was a perfect match of pacing. 

Milksha Philippines knew exactly what they wanted to do, which made it easier for us as their software development partner to launch their website from scratch in two weeks. 

“Build and launch a website in 2 weeks. Bring it on!”

Breaking it down, we completed design & development in a week, and we dedicated the second week to preparation for launch and getting sign offs for assets and security testing. We love to build things in an agile way, while still maintaining quality, so when it underwent Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), we were elated to find out that we passed with only minor changes needed. 

Here’s how we spent the allotted two weeks in detail:

The process:

1. UI/UX Design Approval

We made initial designs on Figma and presented it to the Milksha Philippines team, after which we got their approval and go signal for implementation.

2. Design + Development

We usually design on Figma then code the website. Thanks to Webflow, we were able to do both design and development there. We still used Figma for the initial designs but we enhanced most of the UI and UX on Webflow.

3. Published live!

In 2 weeks, was live! Everyone could now see the selections of milk tea. 

You can explore Milksha Philippines here!

What were the key elements in accomplishing the project (despite being remote)?

🤲 Full transparency

The Milksha Philippines team was clear in communicating their vision which helped our team make design and development decisions that are aligned with it. In return, it allowed us to be more transparent of the challenges we faced during the execution such as the limitation of Webflow. 

🗣️Constant daily feedback

This helped our team identify and resolve roadblocks promptly, to keep the project moving forward.

☎️ Streamlined decision making

This helped us work closely with their team’s most relevant point of contact. 

⚡️ A low-code website builder

Building the website in Webflow made it easier for us to make daily iterations based on the feedback. 

📝 TLDR; Agile Development led this project to success.

  • We built and launched the Milksha Philippines website in just 2 weeks! It was a success due to the focus on continuous communication and collaboration between the Symph and Milksha  teams
  • Active engagement and constant information exchange ensured the clarity of requirements and reduced the risk of delays and misalignments
  • We built the website on Webflow - a low-code website builder, which made it easier for us in coding and designing 

Check out Milksha and treat yourself to some fresh milk tea! 🧋

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