Here’s why Google I/O Extended Cebu 2018 was worth it

April 25, 2024

The Google I/O Extended Cebu 2018, organized by none other than Google Developers Group (GDG) – Cebu, once again gave us a remarkable experience last July 21 in the Richartz Hall, University of San Carlos, Talamban.

Aside from the awesome freebies of 3000 USD worth of Google Cloud and Firebase Credit for startups, raffle draw prizes of Google home minis, golden tickets for this year’s DevFest, event shirts, (and of course food!) we definitely went home with a whole lot of new knowledge on modern technologies and how these can be applied to companies in different industries and even to individual professionals.

And when we say that the Google I/O Extended Cebu 2018 gave us a remarkable experience, this is what we mean:

1. Playing Pacman with machine learning

Symph’s Chief Technological Officer Albert Padin talked about TensorFlow for web where he showed the basics of Machine Learning and how it is applied practically.

Aside from how this technology radically innovates how businesses operate, we were wowed at how we can actually play the legendary Pacman game not with our hands on keyboards, but with our faces on camera.

Watch this snippet to see how it went like:

2. Bboom bboom.

Wait what?

3. Face Detection with Firebase

Speaker Jirawat Karanwittayakarn, Firebase Google Developer Expert from Thailand, talked about “What’s new with Firebase for Web and Mobile.”

He showed a demo of ML Kit’s (mobile SDK that brings Google’s machine learning expertise to Android and iOS apps) face detection API which can detect faces in an image and identify key facial features.

Some of the many uses of this face detection API is for applications like video chat, games that respond to the player’s expressions, or generating avatars from a user’s photo.

Not only that; the one-day event was jam-packed with sessions from many other incredible speakers: Franchette Camoro (Fullstack Developer at Symph), Johnny Benitez (Google Cloud Solutions Engineer), Toni-Jan Keith Monserrat (Web Google Developer Expert), Arnelle Balane (Web Developer at ChannelFix), Arth Limchiu (Android Developer), Emmanuelle Lodovice (Lead

Web Developer at ChannelFix), and of course, the ever-enthusiastic GDG- Cebu Community Manager, Shad Roi dela Cruz.

The awesome-st Google Developers Group- Cebu!


Once again, the experience proved that it’s something you should look forward to annually. (See you next year, then?)

That, ladies and gents, is why Google I/O Extended Cebu 2018 was worth it.

Watch this same-day-edit video made with love by our media volunteers from Symph!