Food and Beverage Company Owners Now Have This Incredible Opportunity

April 17, 2023

Food and beverage company executives want to ensure they properly manage their businesses and they spend a considerable amount of time focused on their employee performance and customer satisfaction. Moreover, there is one crucial thing that many of these decision-makers can now take advantage of to improve their business dramatically.

Restaurants, cafes, or beverage companies, especially those that have many branches across the region or country, usually have a commissary to supply their branches. This model enables the centralized preparation of food for distribution to the company’s many different end sites, and enables them to have better production efficiency.

Traditional commissaries have been in place for many companies, but they are typically run by manual processes. Trying to manage communication channels, delivery schedules and the entire process can really get tedious at times.

Not only that; the drawbacks of these manual processes can even result to poor customer experience. Ultimately, if the goods don’t make it to the outlet, customers will have to be told that the item is out of stock, which, in addition to the embarrassment, is a direct loss of money.

That right there is an opportunity for all these processes to be digitally transformed– automated, digitized, and centralized.

The Abaca Group, a brand known for its group of restaurants that highlight local products with high quality service, have adapted this digital commissary system which improved their operations. With this improved efficiency they are able to keep more customers happy.

This commissary system works this way:

Branch supervisor:

  • Logs in to the commissary system
  • Selects items to order from the “Top Items” (pick list per brand and per branch)
  • Submits order

Central commissary:

  • Receives order from branch
  • As necessary: adjust the quantity of items
  • Fulfills the order

Once ready, the items are delivered to the branch with acceptance and feedback.

Symph built this digital commissary system for the Abaca Group which transferred all forms of communication to the platform and automated the management process in their branches. Central commissary administrators can see all the available goods and can define a customized list that each brand and branch can pick from. This simplifies the ordering process and gives the central commissary as well as the company executives better visibility and control over the operations.

Symph is driven to #CreateBetter systems that help businesses do what they do best, by developing hand-in-hand with our clients to help them seize the opportunities of digital transformation.

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Story by Cyra Congson, Symph Intern 2018