Ensuring Digital Safety: Cybersecurity Tips from a Technical Project Manager

April 25, 2024

In today's digital age, keeping our online space safe is important, like having a strong lock on your front door so no one can intrude. It is important for online businesses to invest in cybersecurity to make sure their systems are safe from attacks and to avoid sudden downtime. Ranil Jaramillo, Symph’s Technical Project Manager who currently leads our cybersecurity initiatives, gives his POV as a project manager on the importance of keeping things secure online is a big deal for everyone, especially for businesses.

“Aside from project management, I bring value with my cybersecurity skills by implementing robust security measures to protect our projects and our company. This involves conducting thorough risk assessments, ensuring compliance with the latest security standards, and fostering a culture of security awareness within the team.”- Ranil 

Here is what Ranil has to say:

As a TPM, why do you think cybersecurity is important?
Cybersecurity is very important. It shields our projects and company assets from digital threats, ensuring smooth, secure operations and safeguarding our reputation and stakeholder trust.

Why is it important for companies to have strong cybersecurity measures in place?
Strong cybersecurity is essential to protect sensitive data, avoid financial losses, and maintain our company's credibility. It's about staying resilient against evolving cyber threats and ensuring business continuity.

What kind of training or awareness can we educate employees about cybersecurity?
Employees should receive training on recognizing phishing, secure password practices, the importance of regular software updates, and safe internet usage to cultivate a strong culture of cybersecurity awareness.

As a technical project manager, what kind of cybersecurity initiatives have you done for your clients and company?
I've collaborated with my team to implement cybersecurity initiatives to enhance the digital security of our clients and our organization. This involves conducting in-depth risk assessments to uncover and address vulnerabilities, adopting cutting-edge security technologies like encryption and intrusion detection systems, and ensuring our cybersecurity approaches meet current standards. Additionally, I've also championed a culture of continuous security awareness in the company.

What role does technology play in enhancing a company's cybersecurity, and what are some of the key tools or systems used?
Technology underpins our cybersecurity strategy. We use advanced tools like firewalls, encryption, and threat detection systems to prevent breaches, safeguarding our infrastructure and data effectively.

How can everyday employees help protect their company from cyber-attacks?
Employees can contribute to protecting their company by adhering to security policies, staying alert to suspicious activities, practicing safe online behaviors, and promptly reporting any security incidents.

Key takeaways
Cybersecurity is an integral part of technical project management. It's not just about implementing technology but creating a culture of awareness and resilience. It's a dynamic responsibility where staying informed and agile is key to protecting our digital landscape.

If you want to learn more about keeping things secure or need help with your company's security, check out our newest maintenance services Upkeep, or get in touch with us at info@symph.co 🔐