Ask Symph Vol. II

April 25, 2024

Hi, Happy New Year! For our Ask Symph Volume I, we answered the most basic questions about Symph.

For this month’s volume of Ask Symph we’d like to answer some common doubts and thoughts on working with a web services firm.

Working with Us — a design and development company

With big budgets come great responsibility, they say.

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What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with big and small companies who believe in the same thing as we do: that we can change the world by doing the things we love.

So, if you care enough about something and you think technology solutions can help you push it out in the open, we’re the right team for you.

All I know is I need a website, can you help me with that?

Sure, drop as an email at and we can guide you with what we think works best for your project. We can schedule you a skype call or we can meet over coffee if you wish.

How many days does it take to have a simple website ready?

Short Answer: It depends.

Not so short answer:

To give you an idea, almost every web project goes through this process:

***Web Design and Development Process:***
Research and discovery — Design — Development — Testing — Launch

Just as we can’t directly provide a price for a website, the same principle applies to its timeline. Various factors can affect the length of the project; to name a few:

It can depend on the size or scope.

Actual time to develop a website will vary from project to project and will depend on client approvals along the way.

Knowing exactly what you want, and having content available and ready for your website before the design process begins can also help push the project faster to launch.

Will I own my website?

After paying in full, of course.

Our projects are always packaged with our own hosting services — you can always have it transferred to your own servers if you wish.

I already have an existing website but I need you to redesign it, does it make it cheaper compared to creating a new one?

Unfortunately, no. We understand that this is a common misconception, but redesigning a website would also in turn redesign the structure of the website’s code. This mean’s everything goes under the usual* Web Design and Development Process.*

Can you design my logo?

Yes and No. By no we mean we do not just design a logo — we create full branding and design for business or projects.

We want to be hired for our ideas and not just our hands.

Other things we don’t do: spec work, photo studio work, television and radio ads, dangerous drugs.

What happens if I encounter (technical) problems, or if I need changes after the website is turned over to me?

You can always ask anyone you know with a knowledge in web development to help you out. But if you’re up for convenience, you can always subscribe to our symphcare plans.

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Think of it as getting a car - once you get your vehicle going, it will need a few repairs, maintenance work or upgrades to keep it working, regardless if you use it regularly or not.

While this may look like an never ending expense for something that’s seemingly simple, think of the many benefits the value of a website can bring to you in a short to a long span of time.

How do I know you’re for real?

You can always shoot us an email, message us on our social media pages.
Or look for our teammate on various tech events in the city — if you can’t find one, be one:

If by some circumstance you want to send us a snail mail or ring our doorbell, here’s our company address: 350-T V. Urgello St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

Are you available 24/7?

Most likely.