Ask Symph Vol. I

May 2, 2024

It’s no secret that we love to talk about us. So, every month we’ll be taking on questions about us, our culture, our team, on how it is working with us; anything on design, development, to pop culture references. Send us your questions to

The Symph Basics

For this month we’d tackle on questions that have been asked very frequently by anyone since our beginning of time.

How long has Symph been operating? What’s your story?

Symph was founded in 2010 with the passion to solve business problems using technology. We wanted to provide a unique service to customers and simultaneously develop Symph into a startup foundry. In order for us to develop successful startups, we realized that we needed three crucial ingredients: funding, an amazing team, and the right ideas… probably a sprinkle of luck and timing too.

Who founded Symph?

From left to right: CDO Dan Pantinople, CEO Dave Overton, CTO Albert Padin

Why ‘Symph’?

Domain availability, yo

So, you’re from the Philippines. Do you also work with international clients?

Yes. We started with working and building our portfolio with local clients, and because the internet is amazing — we then worked (and are still working with) with clients across different countries. You can check out some of our work here.

How big is the team?

From a team that can comfortably work around a single square table, two years later to a team that can conveniently fit a single jeepney:

2014 and Uber was not a thing yet

We are now a team of 31.

Are you trying to be like Google?

First of all, our logo was created before the Google photos came to be (and yep, we wrote this first). But we guess you meant our environment, culture, cause we do get that impression a lot. Everything we are now is a reflection of what we are individually and as a company, to compare us with Google is actually a compliment, but no, we are not trying to be Google. We are trying to be Symph. :)

Your CTO, Albert, is the Philippines’ first Google Developer Expert. How true is this?

Well, this looks legit to us.

Proof right here


Can you give me a quote for a simple brochure website?

We’ll give you a quote based on one of our office’s favorite posters.

“Less is More”.

Jokes aside. The price for brochure sites will always depend on the scope and timeline. There is no exact template to it. We are also very selective when it comes to the projects we take.

And more importantly, we also do prefer to get to know our clients and their project visions before sending them our proposal and quotes. If you want to discuss further with us, send us a message.

Is Dan, Chief Design Officer, single?

Yes. And yes, you may use our contact page and social media pages for his number and your other future questions for another round of Ask Symph.

Or comment us your questions below!