5 People in Tech On The One Advice They Would Give to Aspiring Start-up Founders

April 25, 2024

If like us, you’ve been watching documentaries and keynote speeches of famous tech founders, it becomes easy to be inspired and motivated to do the next big thing. However, it also becomes easy to forget the grit and patience involved to become one of the greats and giving up becomes an easy option as we encounter inconveniences with doing the little things.

Let’s face it, it’s easy to say Don’t give up or Follow Your dreams when you’re the man who’s already built the iPhone or launching space rockets, right?

With this, we have gathered a few advice from people on tech whose names you may not have heard yet but may share the same realistic struggles you have to let you know that you’re not alone in this journey. Who knows, one of them (or you yourself) could be giving that keynote speech one day.

Before anything else, figure out your offering.

Psalm Pueblos Operations and Customer Acquisition Manager,
Leadfunnel Ph

Mr Pueblos thinks that if your goal is not set and you end up yielding to different client demands, you get lost in what you are actually planning to do. “Make sure you have a minimum viable product,” he also adds. However, you can pivot your service but they have to make sure that the goals and objectives would be pivoted as well. Also, by talking to them especially to the clients, you can actually know how to chart your product and offer just by that. All in all, she thinks that planning is so crucial especially to start-ups because it can help them make decisions faster.

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Start now and fail fast

Nicole Faye Padin- Director of Business Operations, Symph

Failure per se may be a bad thing, most of us may always associate it and we can’t deny the fact. However, for Nicole, failing fast is a positive notion in which you can prepare yourself for the real thing. As a project manager of HappyWebs — an affordable website builder, she always thinks that failures will be along the way and it’s normal. She’s positive about taking risks and that it could possibly lead to a much clearer and successful business endeavor. More so, she thinks that team is the big factor for success. It will make or break your success or goal. Choose reliable team members. A team who you can work with. A team that will inspire you to be better. A team who you can be honest with and be honest with you. And a team who will lift each other up instead of bringing each other down, and most importantly — a team that delivers.

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Never give up!

Mr. Hoy — Co-founder and CTO, Hoy App“”

As a co-founder and designer of Hoy App, Mr. Hoy believes that those aspiring start-up founders like him should never give up in every challenge. Despite having been rejected to some investors, he still managed to persistently strive hard and did his best to prove them wrong. There were even times that he lost interest and drive due to some instances which caused the investors to not push through. Because of this, he did everything to enrich their products.

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“Talk to your users

Kenneth Swedlund — Product Manager, Scoutedby

Kenneth noticed that some teammates are afraid to voice out their opinions and problems. They often micromanage all thinking that they can solve it on their own. So, Kenneth thinks that it’s better to talk to users and validate often. By this,your team will realize that their mistakes can have certain effects and that they can be aware of the areas they need to improve. This will also help them enhance their skills and knowledge that will eventually help in attaining the goals of the company.

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Hustle hard and Network well!

Nikhil Jain, Researchpreneur & CEO EditEngine

According to Nikhil, there is no quitting to entrepreneurship and the first step is the hardest one. It’s always the hardest one especially if you lack the essential elements to make the business run. You need to consider the existing factors that can possibly distort your business. So, for him, start-ups should always bear in mind that having to experience difficulties is basically part of doing business and that they must try seeking for solutions in an ethical way.

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If you were inspired by the points above, on’t miss the chance to meet your favorite geeks up-close and personal! who knows — you might get to pitch them your ideas, or better yet work with them! See you at Geeks On A Beach!

Story by: Nap Ryan Goopio, Symph Intern 2017