3 Reasons Why Most Real Estate Websites Are Not Effective

April 17, 2023

Most real estate companies now have their own websites for everyone to see. Yet, many of these websites don’t really contain the information or features that real estate companies are supposed to give their website visitors.

Here are three reasons why we say that:

1. These websites don’t provide construction updates.

Customers are investing valuable resources on your project, so they definitely want to know how those projects are going.

A dedicated page for Construction Updates on your website is a must, with details about progress on projects. You could even take your users to a virtual tour of your building project!

Sample from \[](, a website developed by Symph

2. They’re not mobile- friendly.

Clients don’t always have time to open their laptops while travelling to check project updates whenever they need it, so your website should be responsive across different devices.

You don’t want a stunning website on desktop but on a mobile phone, texts are all mixed up with images of hotel buildings.

3. They don’t contain stories that show you off.

Your website should also serve as your marketing platform, and one of the things that strengthen your company reputation are articles that tell about you.

Many real estate websites don’t have this, so make sure there is a news or blog section about your company on your website.

We know these things because we have already developed websites for many regarded real estate companies. One of them is the reputed Cebu Landmasters, Inc. The website we built for them extended their reach, improved customer and investor relations, and helped them live up to the reputation of being a national property development powerhouse. (You can see more of our work here.)

Need a revamp on your company website? Send us a message. We’d love to know how we can help.