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Qavalo Chrome Extension

A tool that helped the company scale faster by boosting the team’s productivity.


A Google Chrome extension that automatically extracts data.

Project Type

Custom (Google Chrome extension)


1 UI/UX Designer, 1 Full Stack Developer


5 ½ Sprints


8 months

Technologies used

Google Appengine, HTML, CSS, JQuery

Efficiency and productivity are vital for medical companies to provide quality service to their clients in today’s fast-evolving health industry.

With their promise of “Making quality documentation a reality,” Qavalo, a clinical process outsourcing company, knew that they had to improve their efficiency in QA-ing documents to provide better service to their clients.

Qavalo met with Symph, shared their sentiments about their current process, and together, we were able to conceptualize the creation of a custom software tool to help them with this.


The Challenge

The Qavalo staff had to repetitively store data into a Google Sheet file so that they can keep a record of the tasks they were working on. Individually, this didn't take a lot of time, but cumulatively for their team, it quickly added up.

Qavalo’s founder Laurice Chiongbian observed the inefficiency in this process, and she knew there was a better way to work around the system but didn’t exactly know what to expect from the engagement initially. Laurice met with our CTO Albert and on that same meeting, our team came up with the concept of a digital tool automating this part of the process.

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Our Approach

We collaborated with the Qavalo team in weekly meetings for them to check the progress in our work. We presented mockups in the first week, then testable prototypes on the following weeks. We rolled out the tool early on in the project so we can immediately test it out with the staff and iterate it from their feedback.

The client made sure staff from the different roles in the business operations had a representative in the room to give their feedback and insights on how to make the tool better for all parties.

The Qavalo staff were so excited that even while we were still gradually rolling out the tool to their entire team grouped in batches, some staff members would ask that they be included in the next batch.

Our Output

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How this has helped

“(The productivity increase) In numbers is at 33%, and 33% is definitely an understatement because everyone exceeded their productivity targets... We felt like we were part of the team and like we’re not outsourcing you guys. It felt like you were part of Qavalo. Most of the time when there are outsourced developers, the project don’t really pan out as planned but with Symph we really felt and saw the results right then and there. ”

John Paul Putong
Special Projects Manager
Qavalo, Inc.

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