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Palacio de Memoria

An immersive website for a historic mansion where you can tour virtually and book a visit or an event


A website application for Palacio de Memoria


Web Application Development, Product Study, Strategy Design

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The Philippines today has reached a level where there have grown more opportunities for the real estate industry- may it be residential, office, commercial, or even the industrial segment.

The company chose Symph to build their corporate website which later extended their reach, paved the way for improved customer and investor relations, and helped them live up to the reputation of being a national property development powerhouse.


The Challenge

Palacio de Memoria hopes to entertain more of the public and take a chance in spreading its services and venue to a wider audience. So with this project, we wanted users to get a firsthand experience of the Palacio online. 

We created a website platform where visitors can learn more about Palacio de Memoria’s services and also have visitors book the venue if they wish to use the venue for events like weddings and photoshoots.

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Our Approach

At the beginning of the project, the client mentioned the following key features to be included: a virtual tour of the whole venue, a hoverable map of the Palacio, and a booking form for events, tours, and visits. 

We started development after we met with Serious Studio, a design agency in Manila whose team designed the application, to align with the visuals, user interface, and user experience of the website.  

Our meetings with Serious Studio and the Palacio de Memoria team focused on the direction of the website, the objectives, and the features we needed to prioritize building.

Through Journey Mapping, we identified  the key features and overall user experience of the website. During the planning phase, our project manager and full stack developers constantly met  with Serious Studios when changes were happening during the project. 

After showing to the client the initial output of the website, we were able to discuss  their concerns which we were able to address  immediately...

Our Output

Virtual Tour

If you do not have the chance to visit the Palacio in person, you could get a glimpse of the indoorand outdoor space through the virtual tour feature. Here, you can tour the venue by simply clicking and zooming. (This virtual tour was built by Exsight.)

Hoverable Map

You can get an overview of all the rooms and venues inside the Palacio de Memoria through a map. By clicking on each venue, you will be led to specific pages where you get all the details of what the area is, a virtual tour of the area, and a floor plan of the room. Through that page, you can already then book a room of your choosing. 

Booking Form

Through the website, you can now book the Palacio for weddings, photoshoots, and private events through the booking form. If you wish to book a  tour, there is another booking form dedicated to that.

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