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The OnlyNote mobile app enabled its users to communicate specially and meaningfully by simulating the real-life letter writing experience.


A unique mobile application for sending personal messages.


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Do you remember the days when being penpals was a habit for people to stay up-to-date with their loved ones or make new friends? Decades passed and communication speed has improved dramatically. No longer do people need to go the nearest post office to send their mail and wait for weeks to receive one.

However, this quickness can reduce the intimacy of the communication. With a message that can reach in seconds and for free, communication has been taken for granted as people tend to deliver messages without heartfelt content. Now how do we make messaging special?

This idea was what drove our client, Joelson Fabian, to partner with Symph. He visualized a mobile app that would revive the essence of delivering thoughtfully-made messages. Thus, we built OnlyNote. OnlyNote is a mobile messaging app that is basically real-life letter writing… without the paper, made especially for individuals who are looking for meaningful, quality communication.


The Challenge

The client’s vision was to create a platform where individuals across the globe get to interact with each other; but to promote the sending of messages with meaningful content, we will have to limit the number of messages a user can send – with an option to purchase additional “notes.” The challenge for Symph was to translate the client's vision into useful and easy-to-use features in the app.

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Our Approach

Series of discussions happened before the actual start of the development. We intended to do this so that the design & development team can present proposals and understand the vision of our client.

Once wireframes were created and approved, we proceeded with a two-week design timeline. The focus of this phase was to provide for the branding, finalize app’s interface, and strengthen user experience.

After the design process, we proceeded to the actual mobile app development. The team took 14 weeks to code the design, implement features, and polish the app before the submission to the app store.

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Our Output

Send one-of-a-kind notes

In OnlyNote, pages are scarce resources. One message takes one page. This unique “economy” of pages helps you focus on creating a well-thought out message so that it is perfect every time. You get additional pages when a recipient of your message taps “Thanks”.

The notes you write disappear upon sending, so only your recipient keeps the only existing copy- just like giving a real letter.

Make it count

You lose a Page for every Note you send, so you make sure it’s perfect every time.

Add location and stamps

In sending messages, you can add your location. This works best when you’re messaging someone from far away.

Also, every note must have a stamp before it can be sent. These stamps are photos that you attach to capture the moment you were writing the note.

Time-traveller to the future

You may opt to send your note immediately or set the date and time of delivery to a special moment in the future.

Dave, Albert and the amazing team at Symph have been instrumental in bringing our product to the market. They boast a unique mix of deep technical, design and project expertise, professionalism and a drive to succeed together that is hard to find anywhere else. Highly recommended and would definitely work with them again.

Joelson Fabian Founder and CEO, OnlyNote

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