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Cebu Landmasters

Cebu Landmasters, Inc. was able to reach a wider market and improved customer and investor relations with the development of their corporate website.


A corporate website for a real estate development company


Web Application Development, Product Study, Strategy Design

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The Philippines today has reached a level where there have grown more opportunities for the real estate industry- may it be residential, office, commercial, or even the industrial segment.

The company chose Symph to build their corporate website which later extended their reach, paved the way for improved customer and investor relations, and helped them live up to the reputation of being a national property development powerhouse.


The Challenge

Cebu Landmasters, Inc., a homegrown real estate development company, has always made sure that they are keeping up with the fast progress in the industry. As they are pivoting themselves towards a bigger market share in the real estate industry across regions in the Philippines, CLI needed a front in the online space to reach a wider market.

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Our Approach

Symph conducted a series of meetings with the client during the entire duration of the project to ensure that the user interface and user experience of the website duly cater to the customers, and are aligned with the company’s vision and expectations.

Our Output

Mobile-friendly Website

At the time the Cebu Landmasters website was being developed, general digital trends were inclined towards desktop experience than mobile experience. However, Symph always had the futuristic mindset because we want to make sure that the products we create are not only products that come and go, and part of that mindset is believing that mobile is the future. So, we decided to balance out the development of the website between mobile and desktop functionality.

Construction Updates for Customers​

For real estate companies, updating existing or potential clients on construction progress of projects is somehow difficult. Traditionally, clients have to call their real estate agents or conduct a thorough on-site tour. To provide quick and easy updates for CLI’s clients, we designed an easy-to-use “Construction Updates” page to present progress overviews of all their projects.

Investor Relations

In 2017, CLI became one of the few Cebuano homegrown firms to be publicly listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). Abiding by the honor, the transparency with their finances had to be more visible and easily accessible to investors. Hence, we built an “Investor Relations” page complete with charts, graphs, and a redirection to the up-to-the-minute PSE company ticker.

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