Abaca Maintenance: Fixing Growing Pains

Replace the bulb. The hinge is broken. The paint is chipped off. The counter has a crack. The faucet is leaking.

The Abaca Group was growing fast, and their maintenance team had an issue on their hands.

Their mandate was to ensure that every branch was in tip-top shape and had the high level of quality that you would expect from all of the Abaca Group brands.

They were using a messaging app to report issues. However, with more and more branches, it was becoming a challenge to track which branches had issues and which issues were already resolved. The fixers had an issue that they couldn’t fix themselves. This is when they brought us in.

The fixers had an issue that they couldn’t fix themselves.

We created a system that branch staff could use to easily report maintenance issues, that works on laptops and phones alike. If there was a leaking faucet, they could take a picture of it and submit it as an issue using their phone. They also could indicate if it was urgent and it would be prioritized.

Throughout the day, the maintenance team could check the list of issues and could easily see the urgent ones at the top. They could also see the category of the issue, whether it was “electrical”, “plumbing”, or “equipment”. They could also mark an issue as “Started” or “Completed” to track which were being worked on or already done.

If you want quality, you have to double check. Always.

If you want quality, you have to always double check. Once an issue is “Completed”, the staff at the branch can verify and mark the issue as “Approved” if it has been properly done or “Rejected” if it wasn’t done correctly. The maintenance team and branch staff can also have discussions via comments on each specific issue which provides clarity throughout the process and resolves issues faster.

How do we know what’s new?

The team needed a way to keep track of what’s new or what’s been updated. So we also added a notification feature that automatically alerted the Abaca team whenever anything was added or updated in the system, whether it was a new issue being reported, a new comment on an existing issue, or an issue marked as “Completed”.

This issue has been unresolved for a long time...

Each issue has a label of how long it has been in the system. This gave the team insight on which issues have been unresolved. This incentivized the team to fix issues as soon as possible and also fix them well because the issue is only truly resolved when it’s marked as “Accepted” by the branch staff.

Reporting and tracking maintenance issues across all branches is now easy to do and manage, enabling their team to go back to doing what they do best - ensuring that every branch of the Abaca Group is performing at the level of quality that they are known for.

See the Abaca Group restaurants here: https://www.theabacagroup.com

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